Right Now, These Are The 12 Finest Body-Swap Movies


Right Now, These Are The 12 Finest Body-Swap Movies:

The best movies about body swaps Show that this particular style is surprisingly popular. In most movies, the characters have to learn and grow and become better people in the end.

Body-swap movies are great for this because the characters can see things from someone else’s point of view, which changes how they see things. This type of movie includes ones where two characters switch places and ones where characters change into someone else.

The genre works well for comedy because the characters have changed and are now in strange and surprising situations. As with the time loop subgenre, the high-concept body-swap movie can be used in many different ways.

Body swaps that aren’t comedies have used the idea before. They’re common in horror movies because of things like possessions, Satanic rites, sacrifices gone wrong, and simply plain demons. Then there’s the surgical body swap, which doesn’t have the magical element that comedies like “All of Me” and the live-action “Scooby Doo” movie do.

Just as Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis tease a second “Freaky Friday” movie as well as Jennifer Garner spends a week within the life of her teen daughter within Netflix’s holiday hit “Family Switch,” IndieWire has put together a list of the best, weirdest, and most loved body swap comedies ever made.

Nine Lives:

Tom Brand, an obsessive building tycoon, goes into a coma after an accident at work and his soul is suddenly sucked into the body of “Mr. Fuzzypants,” the grey cat he just bought for his daughter’s birthday, whom he hasn’t spent much time on.

A magical shop owner said that Tom will lose his human life forever if he doesn’t show his wife and kids that he loves them during his week as a cat. Yes, “Nine Lives” isn’t great; it’s not even good.

But this strange failure was one of the last movies to come out before Spacey’s #MeToo fell flat, and it’s just as strange to watch as the effects are bad. The story goes shockingly dark, and you’d be lying if you stated you didn’t want to hear the actor, who was at the top of his game at the time, purr, “I’ve been a bad cat.”

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Vice Versa:

It looked like there were a lot of body-swap comedies in the 1980s. Because of this, the plots of some of them were very similar. The body-swap movie Similar to Father, Like Son came out a year before Vice Versa. Both movies were about a father and son switching places.

Even though Like Father, Like Son came out first, Vice Versa was the better movie. The jokes and acting from the skilled group, led by 1980s stars Fred Savage as well as Judge Reinhold, will make you laugh out loud.

Prelude To A Kiss:

A blushing bride trades bodies with an older person walking by upon her wedding day, not long after she and her groom get married. It’s always a surprise to find out on the vacation that you’re married to an old man instead of your true love.

The relationship from 1992 isn’t for everyone, yet the buildup to the body swap adds a bit of wonder to the love story. “Prelude to a Kiss” has scary parts, funny parts, as well as of course, the whole point is to show that life is beautiful.

The Hot Chick:

In this movie from the early 2000s, Rob Schneider plays a career criminal who switches bodies with a vain as well as mean young girl.

The jokes are old and many of them are offensive by today’s standards, but the body switch movie is fun and the young girl learns something about how to treat her friends and other people better.

Most of Schneider’s movies have been panned by reviewers, and The Hot Chick is no different. Some people will find it too childish to enjoy.

It makes you miss the early 2000s and has some funny parts, like Anna Faris as well as Rachel McAdams’s fun early acts, and Schneider’s friend Adam Sandler has to make an appearance.


The husband and wife wake up one day and discover that they’ve switched bodies because their home has a magical artifact. They don’t know what’s going on, so they go about their day to be planned, leaving Mr. Willows at their house and Mrs. Willows in trouble at work.

“Turnaround,” the great family comedy, has a lot of good points, even though some of its scenes are a bit out of date. If the movie’s charming leads aren’t enough to sell you, check out Hal Roach’s 1940 masterpiece for its clever and shocking ending twist: a silly gender commentary that’s still fun to watch today.

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The Dude In Me:

Fans may not be seeing some of the greatest body-swap movies from other countries, such as The Dude in Me, a Korean action comedy. The movie is about a shy and weak high school student who switches forms with a strong thief.

It’s a lot of fun to see how things change. People are now looking at this awkward young man alongside more respect and even fear because of the thug. On the other hand, the young man is scared to death in the dangerous world of crime. The movie has some funny parts as well as exciting action scenes that will keep people entertained.

Family Switch:

Jennifer Garner as well as Ed Helms portray two parents who are losing it because they have a smart tween and a teen soccer star-to-be. Helms swaps with his son and Garner swaps with her daughter because of an event in the moon. It all happens upon the day that is the most significant of their lives.

In “13 Going on 30,” Garner showed how good she is at body swap comedy. Even now, more than a decade later, she still gets the sass as well as wonder of being 17 on screen.

Helms’s comedic style is matched by a more quiet part that supports all three of his co-stars. Noon and Myers, who became famous after “Wednesday,” play angry middle-aged parents who are stuck within the bodies of their children, holding the movie together with their powerful performances.

The Change-Up:

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds will finally work together properly to be Deadpool and Wolverine, yet Reynolds and Bateman’s cast should also be taken into account. Reynolds plays a relaxed bachelor and Bateman plays a stressed-out family man. After peeing in a magic pond, they switch roles and become best friends.

The Change-Up is more like an R-rated movie, with lots of rude and gross humor. Some body-swap movies try to be nice and family-friendly. This high-concept comedy is a lot of fun because it stars two very good funny actors. Bateman seems to really enjoy playing Reynolds’s normal chirpy character.

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The Hot Chick:

A grumpy mall worker wants to be a relaxed, beautiful high school student for the day, as well as sure enough, they can. Some of the funniest parts of the 2002 throwback are when Schneider plays a high school girl rather than McAdams playing Schneider and vice versa.

17 Again:

Matthew Perry plays a middle-aged man who falls into a magical cyclone and changes into his teenage self. Zac Efron plays Mike O’Donnell when he was younger and is trying to have fun like he did when he was younger.

As the lead, Efron shows off a lot of his funny skills, which helps make the film a fun ride. It’s really funny to see Mike as the new kid at school and trying to be a dad to his own teenage daughter. It makes me think of plays from the 1980s, which had a mix of fun and heart.


According to legend, the killer The Butcher takes over the body of a high school girl to kill more people. Don’t get too scared, though, because it’s a scary comedy. Hey, we didn’t know we needed Vaughn screaming like a kid, but that could be one of his best roles yet.

The actor who stole the show in “Wedding Crashers” and “Old School” uses his comedic skills to play Newton, while the actress plays The Butcher with cold blood as she tries to kill people close to her.

Brother Bear:

People who are in body-swap movies often end up in the cadavers of other people. That being said, there is a fun subgenre where people are turned into animals. In the forgotten Disney movie Brother Bear, for example, an Inuit hunter kills a bear on purpose and then magically sees himself transformed into a bear.

He teams together with a young cub to figure out how to get his identity back. The movie has a lost Joaquin Phoenix part as a hunter who turns into a bear. It’s not as good as some other Disney movies, but it’s still a beautiful and moving story.