Right Now, These Are The 15 Best Cat Movies


Right Now, These Are The 15 Best Cat Movies:

People say that dogs are man’s best friend, but cats are just as cute and loving and don’t need nearly as much care. It’s easy to see why cats are so popular as pets.

In fact, dogs have played roles in movies for a long time. There is even an award at Cannes for dogs who act. Because cats are wild, independent, and, well, stupid, it can be hard to find them playing on TV or movies.

Cats are the perfect mix of mature, loving, and cuddly. They have relaxed attitudes, pose like kings, and bursts of energy. Cats are still cute, even if they don’t show their feelings as much as dogs do.

That’s why cats make great movie characters: they can be funny, smart, quick to make mistakes, and cute. There are movies that will make you like cats even if you’re not a cat person. On top of that, this makes it even more amazing when real cats, not CGI or artificial ones, give great acts.

Even though a great movie cat usually takes a lot of different cat players, it’s still a sight to see when it all works together. Since you like cats, it’s likely that you also like good cat movies. But how do you begin? If you love old cat movies, here are a few of the best ones. Put on some popcorn, cuddle up with your cat, and watch these great movies about cats.

The Rabbi’s Cat:

I’ll start this list off with a story with animation. The Rabbi’s Cat was a great French movie that doesn’t get enough attention. It’s regarding a rabbi’s cat that takes a parrot and learns to talk, which finally leads the cat to become Jewish.

The story was taken from Joann Sfar’s own comic book series, and he does a great job of bringing the strange humor, unique art style, and lightheartedness of everyday life to the big screen. But the cat is the real star. Its relaxed and funny attitude makes the whole thing funny.

Unnamed Sphynx, Gloria Bell:

It’s not a big deal, yet the hairless sphynx that continually shows up in the apartment of the moody main character’s loveless boyfriend and eventually adopts her is an amazingly adaptable animal that goes from being a minor plot point inconvenience to a cute friend throughout the movie. As an added bonus, this movie doesn’t show a bald cat as some kind of weird or scary link to the supernatural.

The Aristocats:

Anyone who loves Disney cartoon movies will remember The Aristocats from 1970. It’s about a beautiful and delicate Parisian cat named Duchess who left her owner’s whole estate when she died.

The cat as well as her three kittens were being cared for by a bad butler, who dumped the cats within the country to get the money for himself. She meets Thomas O’Malley, a cool alley cat, who helps her get back to Paris and teaches her how to stay alive.

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They meet a lot of cute animals along the way and go on a great journey. Among the famous voices in the movie are those of Eva Gabor, Hermione Baddely, as well as Sterling Holloway. It also has a love story. The whole family will love this cat movie.

The Cat From Outer Space:

Star Wars as well as Close Encounters of the Third Kind were the first movies to take place in space, but The Cat from Outer Space showed what Disney could do with its own ideas. In addition to being about cats, this movie is also a good experience.

This movie is about three experts who help an alien that looks like a cat. It may have been one of the initial family films to use the “send an alien back to its home planet” plot device. The Cat from Outer Space has everything you could want in a movie: cute cats, shady government agents, and extraterrestrials.

The Black Cat, Two Evil Eyes:

George A. Romero as well as Dario Argento co-directed this scary movie that takes two Edgar Allan Poe stories and changes them in interesting ways. The second story is a great take on the well-known “The Black Cat.” Harvey Keitel plays a cruel crime scene photographer in a hat who doesn’t like the stray cat his lover has taken in.

The black cat’s glares are just the right amount of scary, and it does a great job hissing and digging its way out of holes. At the end, there are additionally two incredibly horrifying mechanical kittens that are naked and eat people. It’s best not to say anything about them.

The Adventures Of Milo And Otis:

The Adventures of Milo as well as Otis is a Japanese movie that was translated and turned into English. It was 15 minutes longer in Japan than in the United States, and it had poems by Kyoko Koizumi.

The Japanese version came out in 1986, yet the American version, which many kids who grew up during the 1990s think of as a standard, came out in 1989. Milo is a bold cat in the live-action movie who makes friends with Otis, a cute pug dog.

Milo follows Otis down a river to help him when he falls in by chance. They get lost on their way back to their farm, but on the way they have a great journey. You won’t believe that over 74 hours of footage shot over four years were put together to make this movie. Again, this is a family-friendly cat trait.

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Oliver & Company:

Oli & Company came out before The Little Mermaid altered the way Walt Disney Animation did things. Following the plot of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Oliver in this movie is a stray kitten who joins a pack of dogs and learns how they do things.

The movie has the right amount of funny and sad parts, even though it simplifies the narrative from Dickens’s book. People who love cats will fall in affection for Oliver and his dog friends.

Rajah, Portrait In Black:

The cat’s critical gaze is caught so well in this adultery story by Lana Turner as well as Anthony Quinn, who kill her husband. The husband’s loyal Siamese cat acts as a kind of quiet witness to their crime and also gets a really scary cat-jump scene.

That Darn Cat:

Another great movie with a cat is That Darn Cat! The name of the movie’s main character, a beautiful Siamese cat named Darn Cat , is DC.

The cat loves taking walks around the neighborhood. One night, he finds people being taken hostage by thieves. A smart woman takes off his collar and puts on a watch instead. DC then goes back to his owners, who try to figure out what happened.

DC always gets in the way of the thieves and sends them out on a wild goose chase full of funny pranks and slapstick laughs. The first movie came out in 1965 and stars Hayley Mills as well as Dean Jones.

But it was made again in 1997 with Christina Ricci as well as Doug E. Doug in the lead roles. Both are great choices for cat antics, but most critics prefer the 1965 version.

Harry And Tonto:

Art Carney is a famous comedian who is best known for his work in The Honeymooners. However, his part within Harry and Tonto is additionally very good. After his apartment building is taken down, retired teacher Harry Coombes takes his ginger tabby cat Tonto on a trip that will change his life.

On the one hand, Tonto is a part of Harry that he needs to accept. On the other hand, Tonto was just a reliable friend to a man who is thinking about his life. He’s the perfect cat to bring upon a trip either way.

Milo, The Adventures Of Milo And Otis:

There are several things that make this hard. Milo and Otis started out as a longer, deeper Japanese movie called Koneko Monogatari: The Adventures of Chatran. But before it came out in the US, it was cut down a lot to make it more family-friendly and give the dog more of a part in the story.

Most importantly, the production has been accused of animal abuse for decades, with 20 babies being said to have been killed. Even though none of these have ever been proven, it’s hard to watch either version of the movie without thinking that something is wrong because it shows animals in very dangerous scenarios.

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Still, the animal players in the movie do great work, even when they’re just doing normal things. As soon as you know the story behind something, it’s hard to enjoy anything else.


This movie from 2016 is one of the few cat movies that kids probably shouldn’t see. It has romance, violence, swearing, and drug use, which is why it is rated R. Keegan-Michael Key as well as Jordan Peele are a comedy team who work together in Keanu. The film is about a cute cat named Keanu who shows up at Key and Peele’s door.

They grow connected to the cat, so when it is taken, they are heartbroken. Gangsters have taken the cat as well as want a lot of money to get it back. People who love cats will connect to this film because it shows how far someone will go to save their cat.

Pet Sematary:

From this movie, it looks like the cat is anything but a reliable friend. A cat that comes back to life in Pet Sematary puts a curse on its owners, as well as the movie uses this idea to make a lot of scary things happen.

Church the cat was scary; even in his first life, he appears to have a dark side that is just waiting to come out. When he comes back to life, his blank, sparkling eyes as well as creepy hisses make him very scary. Some people say that being dead is better sometimes, and the creepiness of the church backs that up.

Thackery Binx, Hocus Pocus:

To be fair, Thackery Binx does use computer-animated mouth moves in some of his shows because he talks like a real person. This cat does a lot of amazing things in real life, which helps to explain the story and saves the day throughout the exciting fight at the end of this family favorite.



In the past, have you been to Istanbul? The huge number of cats in the streets was one of the things I liked most about that city. People walking by and visitors often feed these cats. They are also very good at asking for food scraps. This film is a documentary that follows the lives of several cats in the city.

The cats don’t have owners, but many people in the city love and appreciate them as a vital component of the city. The movie shows the beautiful city from the point of view of a cat. It’s a very moving movie for people too, even though it’s about cats.