Right Now, These Are The 15 Best Comedies You Can Watch


Right Now, These Are The 15 Best Comedies You Can Watch:

It’s always a good idea to watch a good comedy, no matter what the time or place. There are also a lot of different types of movies in this genre, such as classic slapstick, a sweet romantic comedy, a family-friendly adventure, a witty drama-comedy, or an action-packed movie with lots of making fun of people.

No matter what kind of clown you are, you are certain to find something amusing in this collection. Everything from silly to subtle humor is on this list.

A good comedy can make you feel better, but to write a great comedy, you have to write jokes that are funny even years or decades after they were penned. That’s hard to do sometimes because humor changes all the time. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other great comedies, but these are the ones that stand out.

We Have A Ghost:

You should watch this scary-fun movie with your family if you want to have a good time. In We Have a Ghost, Kevin, a teenager, finds a ghost living within the attic of the run-down house that his parents bought for a very low price.

Kevin makes friends with the ghost and names him Ernest. He then offers to help his ghost friend take care of some leftover business. But things take a bad turn when Kevin’s dad learns about Ernest and, hoping to make money off of the situation, shares a video of him online that goes viral.

There is also Jennifer Coolidge in the movie as a psychic on cable TV who gets more than she expected when she goes to Ernest’s house to talk to him.

The Death Of Stalin:

Since a long time ago, Armando Iannucci has shown that he can make even the most serious topics funny. The Death of Stalin, on the other hand, was his most impressive work to date.

After making TV shows about Whitehall and Washington, D.C., called “The Thick of It” and “Veep,” the master satirist’s next movie is about a cruel ruler in real life in Russia whose government caused famine, work camps, and mass killings. Surprisingly, the results are really funny.

A Night At The Opera:

“I expect a woman to look at my face when I invite her to dinner.” “She has to pay that price.” First, let’s watch a classic comedy with three unquestionable comic greats. The Marx Brothers were a real family who became famous as a theatrical act. They made a lot of funny movies that took Hollywood by storm.

A Night at the Opera was their best work. It’s full of quick-fire jabs, clever humor, and racy hints that they could get away with because Hollywood didn’t have any real rules yet.

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It’s a movie about a poor background singer who is in a love triangle with a famous tenor. Groucho Marx plays Otis B. Driftwood, the crazy business manager for a rich opera investor. Chico and Harpo Marx play the singer’s clumsy sidekicks.

They all end up on a boat going from Italy to New York, where they get into trouble. The boys being thrown from one scary situation to the next at a crazy pace is more important than the story itself.

The Marx Brothers are amazing in this movie, but their crazy pranks wouldn’t be half as funny without Margaret Dumont, their straight woman. She looks shocked in numerous instances as the brothers go around her over-the-top idea of what is proper.

The Meyerowitz Stories:

While avoiding the crazy extremes that typically define his on-screen persona, Adam Sandler serves Danny, a sad dad who is still processing the end of his marriage, by moving in with his successful, self-centered, and harshly critical father and eventually getting back in touch with his much more successful half-brother.

Noah Baumbach is the writer and director of disturbing snapshots of domestic depression like “The Squid and the Whale.” In this film, he operates in a more forgiving mode, showing a lot of concern for his unhappy characters and finding their unhappiness deeply amusing instead of acidic.

The movie’s heart, though, is a chubby failure whose loving daughter sees something great in him. Emma Thompson as well as Elizabeth Marvel Sandler are also in the cast. She was more right than she thought: Danny’s tired desperation has echoes of the great work Sandler would do in Uncut Gems and Hustle.

You People:

It’s already nerve-wracking to meet the parents of your future spouse, but imagine if Eddie Murphy turns out to be your future father-in-law. That’s the situation Jonah Hill faces in You People, which was directed by Kenya Barris within his first full-length film from a story he wrote with Hill.

After a cute mix-up, Ezra Cohen and Amira Mohammed fall deeply in love with each other. As they start to commit to a life together, they try to bring their very different families together.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as well as David Duchovny play Ezra’s Jewish parents, who are kind of awake. Murphy as well as Nia Long play Amira’s worried Muslim parents. Some other well-known names in You are La La Anthony, Travis Bennett, Andrea Savage, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, Elliott Gould, and Mike Epps.


Ben Stiller co-wrote and directed this spoof about the fashion world. It did poorly at the box office because it came out right after September 11, when nobody was in a good mood to be funny.

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If you can get past the money problems, though, it’s always a funny look into the lives of ridiculously good-looking people and the strange world they live in. Even though Stiller is great as the main character, don’t forget about Owen Wilson as Hansel or the many other actors who play small parts or make cameos.

The Blues Brothers:

With 106 miles to go, a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, sunglasses, and the sun setting, we’re ready to go. John Belushi as well as Dan Aykroyd, two of the original hosts of Saturday Night Live, are at their funniest in this movie.

In this movie, Belushi means more with an eyebrow than most actors can say in three acts, as does retired singer Jake Blues. You can’t go wrong when you put him with Dan Aykroyd’s Elwood Blues.

At its heart, the film is about Jake as well as Elwood’s efforts to put their band back together, yet each scene has its own mix of silly physical comedy and delivery that is as sharp as a knife.

The Blues Brothers also stars a lot of famous people from the late 1970s, and each guest actor clearly can’t wait for their chance to be in the movie. And don’t even get us started on the music by Cab Calloway, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and James Brown, while Jake and Elwood danced hard in the background.

Enough Said:

At the beginning of Nicole Holofcener’s smart L.A. rom-com, Eva, a busy masseuse, tells Albert, a slobby ex-husband, that she’s sick of her dates expecting her to be funny.

But if Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays you, people will laugh at you, whether you want to or not. What occurs when Eva finds out that Albert used to be married to her favorite client? That’s what Enough Said is about.

The story is mostly about the main character’s experiences as a middle-aged woman who is tired of flirting and flattery and just wants to be with a normal guy, which is funny because that’s when she’s at her funniest.

Wine Country:

Come together, Saturday Night Live stars! Amy Poehler went back to her roots for her first full-length movie, putting together a group of some of the best women who have ever been on Saturday Night Live.

The movie stars Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Emily Spivey, and Rachel Dratch as a group of longtime friends who take a weekend trip to Napa Valley to celebrate a big birthday.

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Over the course of a few days, they let loose and became friends with people like Maya Erskine, Cherry Jones, Jason Schwartzman, and Tina Fey, who is often Poehler’s comedy partner.

Game Night:

Annie and Max are married and have a weekly game night that takes their minds off of their long argument about whether or not to have a child.

However, Max’s annoyingly successful brother Brooks disrupts their holy custom by organizing a complicated murder mystery that is abruptly halted, forcing Max, his friends, and himself to rescue Brooks from actual criminals.

Game Night isn’t just for silly laughs, though. The movie isn’t just slapstick; it also has a fully developed story and a script by Mark Perez that is funny and smart. It has people you really care about, and one of the best lines ever given in a movie is when Max and Annie talk about having children and the future.

Tommy Boy:

“Wait, it has to be your bull.” It was hard to decide which Chris Farley video to include on this list. The prize winner from Saturday Night Live in the 1990s made a lot of excellent buddy comedies, yet this one has to be the cutest.

When Tommy Callahan comes home from college, he finds that he has to safeguard the family business by taking over as his father, with some help from David Spade’s snide secretary. There are a lot of funny antics and a lot of damage to a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX during the cross-country trip.

The rivalry between Farley and Spade has never been stronger, like Laurel and Hardy in the late 20th century. Their collaboration was a perfect match. It’s impossible not to laugh out loud when you see the film for the first time.

The Disaster Artist:

The director enlists the aid of a random group of players and team members to ensure the realization of his pet project into a movie. It’s an old story. However, what if the movie that comes out is considered one of the worst ever, despite his dream of making his vision a reality finally coming true?

This comedy is based on actor Greg Sistero’s book about making Tommy Wiseau’s famous cult favorite, The Room. It tells the tale of how Greg Sistero, along with the uniquely voiced All-American guy/director Tommy Wiseau, collaborated to create a truly unforgettable 21st-century trasherpiece.

The all-star comedy bench is deep on this one. However, director-star James Franco’s off-screen bad behavior has tainted the film, but it still provides insight into how lack of skill led to the accidental creation of a laughing statue.