Right Now, These Are The 16 Best Movies About Mental Health


Right Now, These Are The 16 Best Movies About Mental Health:

There is a mixed past of how well movies and television programs have shown the real lives of people with mental health problems. In a world where people are learning more about mental health and working to reduce shame, it only makes reason that pop culture would better reflect reality.

Even though it can be hard to talk about, Netflix movies about mental health try to show what a lot of people go through every day. Concern about mental health is growing, and the issue is getting more attention as younger people are more open about talking about it.

In Netflix’s movie library, there are a number of movies that deal with different types of mental health problems. The subject of mental health has a reputation for being hard to show correctly in movies. A lot of movies use these kinds of sicknesses and problems in rude, cheap, and manipulative ways.

But there are additionally movies that open your eyes to topics that aren’t usually shown in the public. And even bad movies can make people more aware of issues that many people still don’t want to talk about.


Shame is a British sexual psychological drama movie starring Michael Fassbender that was written by Steve McQueen and Abi Morgan. The story is about a sex addict whose carefully planned private life falls apart when his sister comes to stay for a long time.

Shame is an interesting and different look at trauma and its effects, including how different it can look and how it can show up for different people. However, it’s unlikely that everyone will enjoy it. The movie has a big effect because of its great acting, disturbing themes, and times when it’s hard to watch.

The Starling:

Melissa McCarthy has been praised for her comedic roles, but she has also been in a number of tragedies, such as The Starling.

Melanie McCarthy plays a woman who is dealing with the death of her baby daughter in the movie. Because of the loss, her husband is getting help at a mental hospital, while she tries to keep things going at home.

Not many people liked the movie, but it does deal with shared loss within an interesting way. The main focus of McCarthy’s character is on helping her husband get better, but she doesn’t pay attention to her own sadness, which is getting worse.


In Michael Haneke’s sad drama, Georges as well as Anne, two retired music teachers in their 80s, are a married pair. Their years-long relationship falls apart after Anne’s stroke, putting both of them to the test.

Amour, which won the Palm d’Or, shows the problems that come with getting older, including both physical and mental ones. It focuses on dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in particular. This strong picture is both painful as well as interesting, showing what love and loyalty look like when they are not limited.

The Woman In The Window:

Based on the same-named book, The Woman within the Window is a thriller released in 2021 that stars a star-studded cast. Amy Adams plays an agoraphobic woman who believes she saw a murder within the apartment throughout the street.

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The mental health problem is used in part as a story device to help solve the mystery, but Adams’s devoted acting gives the character’s difficulties real weight. The sessions she has with her therapist are also helpful because they show how some people behave defensively and protectively when asked to talk about their mood.

What About Bob:

What About Bob? by Frank Oz is the story of Bob, played by Bill Murray, who has a huge number of fears that get in the way of his daily life. The author of Bob’s best-selling book “Baby Steps,” Dr. Leo Marvin, was sure that it will solve all of his issues.

After following Dr. Marvin around while he tries to arrange a family vacation, Bob can’t leave him alone and chaos breaks out. There are many parts of this narrative that are eerily similar to what it’s like to have mental health problems.

Anyone who has ever felt so much worry that it affected their daily life can relate to Bob’s story. As it turns out, seeing a mental health professional who says they have all the answers may be even more correct.

Luckiest Girl Alive:

Some of Mila Kunis’s best reviews ever came for the psychological movie Luckiest Girl Alive. Kunis plays a successful magazine editor who has to face a dark secret when it comes to light that she survived a school shooting as a teen.

Along with heavy themes like gun crime, this Netflix film about mental health also shows how Kunis’ character has tried to hide past abuse. The movie is about how these kinds of events can be traumatic and how finally facing hard facts can help you heal.

A Beautiful Mind:

The biopic A Beautiful Mind is an inspiring look at the life of John Nash. Nash was a scientist who had schizophrenia who lived his life. The movie shows how Nash made a lot of important contributions to mathematics and also how hard it was for him when his psychological condition was at its worst.

It took a lot of time and money for John Nash to get treatment for his schizophrenia. His healing and later wins were the basis for Sylvia Nasar’s book, which was used as a basis for the movie.

Some of his finest work for what he became known for was done when he went back to school in the 1980s after many years of treatment.

Pieces Of A Woman:

Vanessa Kirby was nominated for an Oscar for her scary role in Pieces of a Woman. In the movie, she plays a young woman who has a difficult pregnancy as well as loses her baby.

The movie is about how the character played by Kirby and her husband become depressed. He uses cocaine to calm himself down, while she deals with different people who are trying to help her deal with the loss.

A strong message is sent by the movie, though, about how well-meaning help can be damaging. Kirby’s character needs time to process, even though she knows she will never fully get over what happened.

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Even though Black-ish is a comedy, it has never been afraid to show important problems. The show dealt with prejudice and sexism, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic was one of many real-life problems the characters had to deal with during the show’s run. Tracee Ellis Ross got good reviews for her part as Dr. Rainbow Johnson.

Rainbow has always been a great figure on the show. The show shows her postpartum sadness after giving birth to her youngest boy, DeVante, in a kind and honest way. Too little is said about this situation a lot of the time. Drawing notice to this very common mental illness should help other people feel less alone.

Brain On Fire:

In 2016, the movie Brain on Fire came out. It was based on Susannah Cahalan’s book Brain upon Fire: My Month of Madness. Doctors gave Cahalan the wrong diagnosis for a strange illness he had while working for the Post in New York. The book tells his story.

Because of this mistake, she was almost sent to a mental hospital, where she would have probably died.

Chloë Grace Moretz plays Cahalan in the movie. She fights to figure out what’s wrong with her and learns that she has encephalitis. She got the help she needed after being found out, and she wrote her book to show other people that hope was possible.

Sex Education:

One of the most famous TV shows regarding mental health is called Sex Education. It’s about Moordale Secondary School head boy Jackson Marchetti as well as his experiences there.

He wants Maeve to go on a date with him and is a great swimmer. It doesn’t matter how successful he is; he still has worry and panic attacks. Jackson’s story about having anxiety and panic episodes is true, especially since he was a teenager.

His mental health changes based on whether he gets the right help and takes the right medicine, which is a very real thing that happens to everyone. If these tools are in place, he can keep living his life even though these things are wrong with him.

The show also gives viewers a complex picture of what it might be like to be a black queer kid. Eric’s story is both heartwarming and sad, and it’s one of the first LGBTQ+ stories on TV.


The documentary Stutz, which was made by Jonah Hill, was about his own doctor, Dr. Phil Stutz, and his life and work. A lot of the movie is made up of chats between the characters, in which they talk about their lives and mental health.

Stutz also talks about how he does therapy and how he interacts with his patients. With a 96% grade on Rotten Tomatoes, this Netflix video regarding mental wellness was a big hit with critics. Not only is it regarding Stutz as well as his work, yet it’s also regarding Jonah Hill’s own mental health problems and questions.

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Moon Knight:

Marc Spector is a Marvel hero who isn’t well known, but he’s shown in Marvel’s Moon Knight. Spector has dissociative personality disorder and lives with it. This shows up as Marc having a minimum of three different selves with different skills and powers.

He is the form of the Egyptian god Khonshu. Each of Spector’s alters is played by Oscar Isaac. The action TV show didn’t go into too much detail about what DID is really like, but it did show how traumatic events in youth can have a lasting effect on mental health as an adult.

In this case, Spector was abused as a child. Spector’s mental illness keeps him safe from this harm just when he wants it the most, which makes it sweet and true.

Malcolm & Marie:

Malcolm & Marie was a small, personal movie with John David Washington as well as Zendaya playing the lead roles. Malcolm is an up-and-coming director who just got back from seeing his latest movie show, which got great reviews.

But Marie stops the party because she doesn’t like not getting credit for a movie about her battles with addiction. The idea of this Netflix movie regarding mental health isn’t really about the need for respect and consideration. Instead, it’s about Marie’s hard road to recovery and how personal stories may be used for art.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower has become one of the most loved movies about mental health. It is based upon Stephen Chbosky’s best-selling young adult book of the same name.

Charlie, a sweet 15-year-old played by Logan Lerman, is nervous regarding starting high school in the movie. Making friends with his peers helps him deal with the death of a friend, his first love, as well as the ups and downs of his own life.

This movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, is very moving because it shows how PTSD and sadness can affect a young person who was sexually abused as a child. It’s unlikely that anyone will not be affected by it.

It’s important to note that this movie, like some of the others on this list, has scenes about suicide, drug use, as well as self-harm that some people might find upsetting.

Take Your Pills: Xanax:

In 2022, Blair Foster will make a documentary called Take Your Pills: Xanax. It’s about how the drug’s use has grown over the years. This is one of the newest Netflix movies about mental health. It picks up where the 2018 Netflix documentary Take Your Pills left off, which was about drugs like Adderall and Ritalin.

When it comes to Xanax use, the 2022 mental health program doesn’t take a side.  It looks at the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the drug and what they mean for mental health in the United States. The paper has interviews with medical workers, scientists, and people who have used Xanax to talk about how the drug works in general.