Right Now You Can Watch 16 Bollywood Movies About College Life


Right Now You Can Watch 16 Bollywood Movies About College Life:

Bollywood was a big part of our lives, from when we were kids to when we were old. Something that has always been a part of Bollywood is that it makes us feel old every time we watch a film, especially ones about college life.

Many people think that the years you spend in college are the best of your life. You need to figure out what you want to do alongside your life and who you are.

It’s additionally a chance to learn how to be responsible and stand on your own. So, a few movies have taught us that college is additionally a time to party hard, drink a lot of beer, and make huge mistakes.

Hollywood has made a lot of funny movies about college over the years. The standard for a funny college movie is set by National Lampoon’s Animal House, which stars John Belushi and other great actors.

A lot of adolescents try to figure out what they’re passionate about, who they like, what kind of life they want to live, etc. while they’re in college, all while getting some kind of degree.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai:

Would you say that’s a great start to an epic list? I chose Kuch Kuch Hota Hai from the Bollywood list because it was the first movie that came to mind for this college movie.

It’s clear that the movie has earned its status as a great hit. Probably the initial one to show how successful college kids can be.

That whole “popular girl meets stud boy” and “college romance” thing, plus the rest of the story. It does a great job of capturing everything that made up Gen X back then.

Life Of The Party:

This is for people who like Melissa McCarthy. The middle-aged mother goes back to college to finish her degree after getting divorced and ends up in the exact same class to be her daughter.

The choice changes everything, and she learns what it’s such as to be young and happy again. She loves this new experience and soaks up all of its benefits. Life of the Party was a great movie to watch to feel better after a long, hard day. It’s funny, has a lot of good energy, and shows girl power.

The Paper Chase:

These days, a lot of college movies put school more in the background. The Paper Chase isn’t one of those movies. While following James Hart through his first year at Harvard Law, he falls in love with the daughter of his mentor.

James has a hard time balancing his schoolwork and social life because he thinks that failure was the worst thing that may occur to him. It’s also brought up in The Paper Chase whether college was worth it or not.

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Because of his role as James’ professor, John Houseman won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in The Paper Chase.


This movie is a good example of the saying “old is gold.” It’s a matter of how we see losers as heroes and even question India’s school system. The story is about four students. Three of them get lower grades, but the one on the left gets all As.

To make their grandparents happy, they all set out on the trip, and in the end, it makes them happy too. This shows us that degrees don’t always show how smart someone is.


In Accepted, Justin Long plays Bartleby Gaines, who gets turned down through every college he tries to get into. How does he act? He makes up the South Harmon Institute of Technology, a fake college, to trick his dad into thinking he got into college. He makes a fake website, buys an old, run-down house, and asks others to help him.

Sometime soon, something that was just a dream will be taken much more seriously. There are some funny moments in the movie, but it also makes fun of traditional colleges and the high standards they expect of their students. People think it’s one of the more original takes upon college, even though it’s completely ridiculous. The group is very diverse and funny throughout the whole show.

The Graduate:

Is Mike Nichols’ “The Graduate” really a college movie? It’s not about a group of college students and takes place on a school. The Graduate is about Benjamin Braddock, a recent college graduate who goes back home.

Ben starts an affair alongside Mrs. Robinson, a friend from childhood who is roughly the same age as his mother. He does this because he feels pushed by others to reach certain goals.

He falls in love with Elaine, Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, because they share many of the same feelings. Thanks, Benjamin Dustin Hoffman plays one of his best parts as a college student who is attempting to figure out how to cope alongside life, which is something he didn’t learn in college.

Three Idiots:

This is a movie that has both made us laugh and cry many times. Without a question, 3 Idiots is one of the greatest Bollywood movies about student life.

Who will forget? In the end, it was just as great at the end as it was at the beginning. Three students at an Indian engineering school become friends and work hard to get their degree. The movie is about their bond.

It shows the hard times they have and the good times they enjoy in this new world. There are two different stories told about the movie: one takes place now, and the other is set ten years ago, when they were engineering students. This shows how college may alter your life.

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Happy Death Day:

Happy Death Day was a great example of a horror movie that shows what it’s like to be in college. This movie is about a college student named Tree who gets stuck in a time loop and has to live her birthday over and over again.

Someone unknown in a baby outfit kills her every day. As Tree tries to get out of this terrible time loop, she has to figure out who the killer is. The movie got good reviews, and it even led to a second movie.

Mona Lisa Smile:

Katherine Watson has just been hired as an art professor at Wellesley College, which is only for women. Mona Lisa Smile is set in the 1950s and shows how hard it is for women to obtain even a college degree.

The women are there to go to college, but most of them are still learning how to be housewives. Katherine wants to break the mold as well as show her students what they can do. People at work and in school make fun of Katherine for attempting to make things better for women in academia, which stirs up trouble.

Two States:

When we were in college, we had our first love, who drank all of our first adventures with us. In this movie, two IIM students fall in love while they are still in college. Once they finish college, they have to deal with the real world of dating. As the name says, they are from two distinct states.

Their job is to bring them together and marry them. It has all kinds of tastes and cultures, from Punjab to Tamil Nadu. It will be fun for you to watch it. This might help if you want to show your boyfriend to your family as well as the other way around.

Everybody Wants Some:

The sequel to Dazed as well as Confused by Richard Linklater is about college life within the 1980s. Jake is a freshman who plays baseball and moves in with his friends to a house off campus.

He gets through college with the help of his funny new friends. Everyone wants some! shows off some great supporting acting, as well as Richard Linklater once more gets the spirit of freedom and youth throughout this great college comedy.

22 Jump Street:


Police cops Jenko as well as Schmidt go underground again in the follow-up to 21 Jump Street. This time, they pose as college students to get to the source of the recently discovered drug “why-phy.”

Rushing through a frat and them unpacking within their rooms with common college stuff such as a shower caddy as well as a pop-up laundry bin are just a few of the things that 22 Jump Street does so well.

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When their differences push them in different ways, the terrible truth of Jenko and Schmidt’s relationship is put to the test. Schmidt and Jenko are not in college, but they traverse the same stages of growth that college students do.


Another movie with an excellent punch line as well as great comedic timing is Fukrey. Congratulations to the players! The movie is about four main characters, each of whom is having a hard time with their own problems until their paths cross.

Making their goals come true is what they all work toward together. The movie shows how money motivates a group to reach their goals, which leads them to the right road in the end.

The Rules Of Attraction:

This underrated thriller is based upon Bret Easton Ellis’s 1987 book of the same name. It follows a group of wealthy college students in New Hampshire as they deal with love, drugs, and sex.

The Rules of Attraction is about a group of rich college students in New Hampshire who deal with love, drugs, and sex. In the process of shooting and finishing the movie, Roger Avery, who directed and wrote it, took a lot of artistic risks.

Sean Bateman is played by James Van Der Beek. He is the unknown brother of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. The movie got mixed reviews, probably because it was so far ahead of its time.

Animal House:

Animal House, or just “Animal House,” by National Lampoon was a timeless classic about two students named Larry and Kent who join Delta and are given the names Pinto as well as Flounder.

Delta House is renowned for its wild parties and pranks. In one, they steal a rival’s horse, take it to the Dean’s office, and shoot a gun with blanks, which causes the horse to have a heart attack.

Even though Animal House came out more than 40 years ago, the actions and lessons it shows are still useful today. Animal House continues to be a great college movie that will make any student laugh. John Belushi plays the funny Bluto, and Tim Matheson plays the Delta boss Otter.

Main Hoon Na:

OMG! How come I forgot to add this to the list? It’s a tale of how two brothers who have been apart for different reasons get back together. When Shah Rukh Khan was young, he had to live like he was in college, which is an interesting story.

Indulges in being young and full of life, such as a group of college students, and living their way of life. It’s one of a kind. To find out how college makes us form ties and memories that last a lifetime.