Right Now, You Can Watch 16 Of The Best Romantic Comedies On Amazon Prime


Right Now, You Can Watch 16 Of The Best Romantic Comedies On Amazon Prime:

There are some Amazon Originals and old favorites among the best rom-coms upon Amazon Prime Video right now. There is something for everyone, from classic teen rom-coms to newer takes on the genre. Yes, that means you can find something else if you don’t like the usual cheesy rom-coms.

You can use this list, which is always being updated, to find a good romantic comedy that both of you can enjoy, or you can just curl upwards and watch one yourself.

You don’t have to keep track of what movies have left Amazon Prime Video as well as what new ones have come out. You’ll be able to find something on this list that suits your mood.


Put up This holiday romantic comedy stars Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. It’s about two ex-lovers who get into a tough spot. Graham is thrilled to surprise his loved ones with a holiday surprise, but he is shocked to find that Ali, his ex-fiance, is there with them to celebrate.

Of course, neither of them can stay; that would be too awkward for everyone. They all plan to fight for their place in the family so that they can be the one who can stay for Christmas Day.

Of course, laughter follows. You can watch EXMAS through the Amazon Free Video service, but there are ads.

I Want You Back:

While breakups are tough, moving on is even tougher. Peter and Emma don’t want to move upon after getting dumped by each other, so they decide to work together to get their ex-partners back.

The plan is for Emma to date Peter’s ex-girlfriend Anne’s newfound boyfriend, Logan, and for Peter to date Emma’s ex-boyfriend Noah through a friend to break up him with the newly acquired Ginny.

Emma and Peter do, of course, get to know one another and fall in love with each other while making this plan. As they try to carry out their plan, they get into a lot of trouble, but without giving anything away, it’s safe to say that everyone ends up precisely where they belong.

10 Things I Hate About You:

The movie is based on Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” and Julia Stiles as well as the late Heath Ledger both do great work in it. Cameron wants to date Bianca so badly, but he runs into trouble when he learns that her father has strict rules. So, he asks Patrick, an Australian bad boy student, to help him date Bianca’s shy sister Kat, so Kat’s dad lets her off the hook.

That’s when Patrick agrees to do the work for money. What a surprise, though: he and Kat start to really like each other. She will, of course, find out what’s true in the end, and things will get bad.

Teen rom-com 10 Things I Hate About You might be one of the best from the late 1990s and early 2000s. From the actors to the writing to the way the story is told in current times, it’s a good movie.

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Sitting In Bars With Cake:

This romantic comedy by Audrey Shulman is based on her own book of the same name. It’s about two of their closest friends, Corinne as well as Jane, whose strong bond is put to the test when Corinne is diagnosed alongside brain cancer.

What starts out as a typical, carefree chick flick quickly finds its emotional center, with a storyline that often makes you cry gently leading you into the darker themes of the movie.

The film, which is about friendship and love, is launched into space through the perfect chemistry between A’zion and Shahidi. Trish Sie’s direction captures the sparkle in both women’s performances. Sitting within Bars with Cake was a new band that you should check out.

Red, White & Royal Blue:

It’s based on Casey McQuiston’s LGBTQ romance book of the same name. Red, White, as well as Royal Blue is about Alex, the son of the president of the United States, and his friendship alongside the British prince Henry.

For a while, it’s a rough one, but they soon start dating. Both families are upset about this, which leads to secrets, scandals, as well as the age-old story of love that is banned.

A lot of people have said nice things about Red, White, as well as Royal Blue because it shows LGBTQ marriage and acceptance without using stereotypical images. The story is one of the most-watched love comedies on Amazon. It’s very much like a fairy tale, but with a modern, welcoming twist that will make everyone laugh.

My Fault:

In his first full-length movie, My Fault, Domingo González adapts a Wattpad story into a book series called Culpa mía through Mercedes Ron.

In this Spanish romance, Noah has to leave her life behind to move into her stepfather’s house. She ends up switching places with her stepbrother, going from being enemies to lovers, which starts a secret relationship that is constantly pushed and pulled.

It gets worse from there as the two battle their sexual attraction while putting their family at risk every time they give in.

Ticket To Paradise:

Their acting skills and the way they always look great together on screen make George Clooney as well as Julia Roberts a winning combo.

This is how Ticket to Paradise works. Their roles as David as well as Georgia, a divorced couple who can’t stand each other, are so different that they could almost be called an anti-rom-com.

But when their daughter Lily graduates from college and quickly decides to marry a man she meets upon vacation in Bali, giving up her plans to work, they have to get back together.

Their daughter is making a mistake that reminds them of a mistake they made themselves many years ago, so they go to Bali together to try to convince her. Even though reviews were mixed, Ticket to Paradise did well at the ticket office.

Crazy Rich Asians:

Based on the same-named Kevin Kwan book, Crazy Rich Asians is a great love comedy which additionally marks a turning point in how Asians are portrayed in media.

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In the movie, Rachel Chu as well as Nick Young push their relationship to the highest possible level by showing her to Nick’s ridiculously wealthy family. There, Rachel has to prove herself to Nick’s mother, who is very critical of her.

Both Wu and Golding are so cute together in this story regarding having to choose between your loved ones as well as the person you love. They always make you want love to win.

Somebody I Used To Know:

This rom-com was co-written by Dave Franco and his wife Alison Brie. Alison Brie plays Ally, the producer of a reality TV show which is almost over.

As a cancellation is getting ready, Ally realizes that her work has taken over her life and she doesn’t have many friends outside of work. That same day, she goes to Washington to see her mother and runs into an ex-boyfriend who is about to get married.

Somebody I Used to Know isn’t your typical romantic comedy; the movie is praised for having a complex plot and funny scenes. But it’s additionally a motivating film that shows you that you can learn a lot about yourself from both great and unsuccessful relationships.


It’s a hot story called Secretary that will take over your heart with its seductive scenes and charm. In the movie, James Spader plays a bossy as well as demanding lawyer who recruits Maggie Gyllenhaal to be his secretary. Before they have an affair, they play BDSM with each other to see how far they can go.

Sadomasochism is used as a joke in this comedy, but the text of the movie doesn’t judge it. In fact, it supports it, letting the two lovers discover themselves in their wants. It’s an unusual love story that doesn’t follow the usual rom-com tropes. Instead, it creates a unique plot that would later be used within the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

About Fate:

Emma Roberts plays a real estate agent, and Thomas Mann plays a lawyer. Their lives are similar, but they live in different places. The two meet by chance after having embarrassing situations with their partners that seem eerily similar.

As the saying goes, the rest is history. About Fate is a cute movie that is based on the Soviet TV film The Irony of Fate from 1975.

The idea makes you think that another person might be experiencing the exact same things you are. You’re not by yourself. And when it’s meant to be, everyone is able to discover love, even in the weirdest places.

Mamma Mia:

Mamma Mia is based on the jukebox musical by British writer Catherine Johnson as well as the music of the Swedish pop group ABBA. It’s about a young girl who asks three men to her wedding in another country so she can figure out which one might be her father.

The movie is a crazy good time thanks to outstanding musical numbers, and all of the really big stars give it their all to make every scene fun and exciting.

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Meryl Streep gives a great performance as the mother of the bride who slept alongside Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, as well as Stellan Skarsgård. She goes from being a sexy wreck to a dedicated mother.

The Lost City:

Sandra Bullock as well as Channing Tatum are great in this silly but fun action-adventure comedy with some romance thrown in. Bullock plays Loretta, an acclaimed romance author who goes on a real trip with the model on the cover of her new book to get away from a bad guy who is worth a billion dollars.

He wants to find the lost old tomb room that she wrote about within one of her books. He thinks it’s real because she based the narrative upon real events.

The narrative of The Lost City is interesting because of the strange pairing of the grumpy, lonely widow and the good-looking model who wants attention. There’s also some romance at the end, which wasn’t a surprise.


He co-wrote the script for Bros. alongside director Nicholas Stoller and stars in it. Bros is an unashamedly gay romance comedy about a chatty, nervous podcaster who has trouble committing falls in affection for a lawyer played perfectly through Luke Macfarlane who is both stunningly good-looking and aloof.

While showing the scary truths of modern online dating, Bros. is also not afraid to speak out against things that they believe in throughout the movie. Bros. has a great group of mostly gay actors, like Guy Branum, Dot-Marie Jones, as well as Guillermo Diaz. It consistently delivers laughs, a familiar story, and a sweet romance.

Book Of Love:

Henry is an author who is having a hard time. He finds out that his most recent book is not doing well anywhere but Mexico. Henry goes to Mexico for a book signing trip at the request of his editor to keep the pace going.

But when the stiff English author shows up, he is very upset to find that Maria, his translator, has totally changed his book into a hot, sexy romance novel.

Now he has to deal alongside the unwanted attention and accept that he may need to explore a new area in both his work and his personal life. A cute story about two different cultures alongside a fun twist.


Cinderella is a fancy musical version of the well-known fairy tale. It was directed and written through Kay Cannon, whose greatest works are Blockers as well as the Pitch Perfect movies, which are known for their sharp wit and wonderfully raunchy humor.

The movie has a pretty average story, but it shines because it stars some of the best musical theater performers of our time, like Tony Award winners Idina Menzel as well as Billy Porter.

The movie also stars singer Camila Cabello in her playing debut. Cinderella shines as a highly beautiful show of excitement with catchy musical numbers. She is glitzy and beautiful.