Right Now, You Can Watch 16 Of The Greatest Chick Flicks On Netflix


Right Now, You Can Watch 16 Of The Greatest Chick Flicks On Netflix:

People have often used the term “chick flick” to refer to romcoms, high school plays, teen relationship movies, or glitzy coming-of-age love stories. In its simplest form, a chick-flick is a movie that young women will enjoy.

When we hear the word “Chick Flick,” we think of a lot of movies, mostly romantic comedies or dramas with hot, beautiful guys, falling in love, and sadness. As movies have changed over the years, each year brings a new era of chick flicks that rule the box office.

Now, chick flicks aren’t just about teenage love or sadness they’re about a lot more than that. You’ll have a great night if you bring your laptop, some popcorn, and a bottle of water as well as wine. From old-school chick flicks from the 2000s to new, smart girl power comedies

Falling Inn Love:

Gabriela Diaz, a city girl, wins an inn within New Zealand in an online contest just as things are going badly for her. She has no other plans since she just lost her job as well as her boyfriend. She chooses on the spur of the moment to take him up on his offer as well as check out the inn, which is now hers and is called The Bellbird Valley Farm.

She goes on an adventure when she finds out that the inn isn’t what it seemed like in the pictures and that Jake Taylor was her only chance. As they work to fix up the inn, feelings start to grow between them. But she has to decide if she wants to go back to San Francisco or stay there.


There are a lot of moving parts in Joe Swanberg’s Easy, but the love ones really stand out. This series is a collection of personal stories about relationships in Chicago. There are so many honest shows of emotion that it may be hard to keep your cool.

Lots of the characters fall in love, yet not all of them. But you’ll love all of them. You can begin in any time of the year as well as see where it takes you.

John Tucker Must Die:

John Tucker Must Die is like The Other Woman set in a high school in the 2000s. It’s about three teens who get together to get back at their cheating basketball star ex-boyfriend John Tucker.

Teenage comedy that is cute and happy. Two girls who don’t usually get along work together on a plan to get John to fall in love with the new girl within town, but John ends up breaking their hearts too.

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Our Souls At Night:

This movie is deeply moving regarding the loneliness that comes with getting older, and it shows how important friendship is in people’s lives.

Robert Redford as well as Jane Fonda play Louis and Addie, two friends who find comfort within each other after having a hard time being alone. Both of them feel lonely at night because they lost their wives.

Addie asks Louis to share the bed alongside her upon a friendly basis. just to sleep with and talk to. They enjoy being with each other and don’t want to go to bed alone. Not everyone, though, sees it the way it really is.

The Incredible Jessica James:

Learn how to be confident in yourself and talk to people in a healthy way from the Incredible Hulk. By Jessica James. Chris O’Dowd and Jessica Williams play lead roles, and LaKeith Stanfield gives a supporting effort.

This sweet story about a woman who will do anything to be loved the way she deserves looks at a lot of the things that make love so tricky. But this romance has just the right amount of hope to keep you interested until the truly realistic happy ending.

Bad Moms:

Bad Moms adds a funny but realistic twist to the family comedy genre. Amy is an overworked as well as stressed-out helicopter mom who chooses to go crazy one day because she feels like she’s been pushed to her limits and needs some much-needed freedom.

She finally finds unexpected friends in Kiki and Carla, two other moms who don’t get enough credit for being moms. Together, they let loose and have some wild, rowdy fun before getting ready for the ultimate fight against a group of moms who seem to be perfect.

The Age Of Adaline:

‘The Age of Adaline’ shows how things might look, especially mentally, if we stopped getting older, even though everyone else seems to be attempting to slow down the process.

Adaline was born upon New Year’s Eve 1908, but she became ageless in 1937 because of an accident. She stopped getting older at age 29. With fake IDs, she’s been able to make money while her daughter grows up like everyone else.

He meets her on New Year’s Eve 2014, though. She really wants to be alongside him, but she knows she can’t. He’ll get old and die, but she won’t. What should she do? “The Age of Adaline,” which was directed through Lee Toland Krieger, shows a sad side of life.

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About Time:

In this romance comedy, Rachel McAdams as well as Domhnall Gleeson play a woman who falls deeply in love with a time traveler. We know it sounds really silly and might not be very good.

But Richard Curtis, who wrote and directed the movie, handles this crazy idea with such style as well as grace that you’ll quickly believe it’s real. In any case, be ready: Get some tissues. This one hurts my tear ducts.

Friends With Benefits:

Take the girls to a romantic comedy that is both hot and sweet, with key characters who really do have a good relationship. Within Friends With Benefits, Dylan and Jamie quickly become friends after Jamie gets Dylan a job at GQ magazine and discovers that they share many interests.

They become close because they both have been let down by real love. Soon, they decide to add informal sexual activity to their friendship, which causes problems.

20th Century Girl:

She informs her closest companion Na Bo-ra to maintain an eye upon a boy named Baek Hyun-jin while she goes to America for heart surgery. Yeon-du has fallen in love with him and wants Na Bo-ra to keeping her up to date on him.

In the project, Na Bo-ra meets Woon-ho, who is friends with Baek Hyun-jin. The two quickly fall in love. What’s the catch then? But Woon-ho isn’t Woon-ho; he’s Baek Hyun-jin.

When Yeon-du comes back, she tells us that Woon-ho was wearing Baek Hyun-jin’s jacket with her name on it the first time she saw him. Will Na Bo-ra break up with Yeon-du if she tells her best friend the truth? The players in the Korean movie “20th Century Girl” do such a great job that the ending is a little disappointing.

Alex Strangelove:

People of all ages will feel the pain of Daniel Doheny, Antonio Marziale, as well as Madeline Weinstein’s acts in Alex Strangelove, a story about coming of age. This is a moving and meaningful look at coming out. The world is full of good people doing good things that can help anyone need a handhold.

Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging:

Angus, Thongs, as well as Perfect Snogging will take you back to your unhappy teen years. The story is based on a set of books by Louise Rennison.

It’s about Georgia, a 14-year-old girl who writes in her diary about the good and bad parts of being a teen. Come into Georgia Nicolson’s life and see all the awkward as well as unglamorous things that real teenage girls go through.

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Sierra Burgess Is A Loser:

As a result of a wrong identity, an odd marriage starts in high school. The story ends with a lesson of body love and confidence.

In high school, the most famous girl and the girl on the edges of society become friends to help each other get over their crushes. But it’s not that simple. This unique Netflix show brings together Shannon Purser, Kristine Froseth, RJ Cyler, as well as Noah Centineo.

‘Sierra Burgess Is a Loser’ is a bit of a stretch, and it should be watched with a grain of salt because it has a lot of problematic elements, such as gay comments, jokes about disability, and trolling, to name a few.

Emily In Paris:

Emily in Paris, written by Darren Starr, is a dreamy, pop-filled Parisian adventure that you’ll love such as a “chatte” drinking “lait.” Lily Collins plays the title character, an ex-pat who is a young marketing worker from Chicago who gets a raise that sends her to France out of the blue.

She sells perfume, eats delicious cheese, and falls in love with a hot cook played by Lucas Bravo. It’s not a 100% rom-com, yet it’s at least 75% rom-com.

Bridget Jones’ Diary:

Bridet Jones’ Diary was a fun and funny romantic comedy that is a modern take on Pride and Prejudice that fans of the original book would enjoy. Bridget Jones has had the same life her whole life.

She is 32 years old when we meet her. She is single and wants to get better. She keeps a diary where she writes regarding all the things she wants to happen in her life. Things become more interesting, though, when two guys start to compete for her love.


‘Tramps’ is a beautiful love story and comedy about a pair of people who meet by chance and then get sucked into a crazy journey. The movie starts with Danny’s story. Danny wants to be a cook but is having a hard time making ends meet alongside his mother as well as brother.

Ellie, upon the other hand, is a young thief who is in New York to get something. Danny mistakes badly and gets the wrong briefcase when he steps in for his brother to meet Ellie as well as trade a briefcase with someone else.

Because of this, Danny and Ellie have to look all over New York for the bag that was meant for them. It’s a great movie to watch because it has romance, comedy, thrills, as well as drama all in one. ‘Tramps’ is a great movie that you should put high upon your Netflix watchlist.