Right Now You Can Watch The 15 Finest Lesbian Anime Of All Time


Right Now You Can Watch The 15 Finest Lesbian Anime Of All Time:

Anime can be hard to understand at times. There is LGBTQ+ content on a lot of shows that are referred to to be queer-coded. Some hints at a gay connection, but it’s not really important to the story. Life is hard. Don’t worry about that, though, because among the many anime shows we have, there are many that are great for gay eyes.

For a long time now, anime filmmakers have been adding LGBT characters to their movies and TV shows. The majority of these characters who are LGBT are sexualized a lot, but many of them are interesting and important to the story.

Our goal in this article was to make a list of cartoons with gay characters. The shows you’ll read about are mostly in the Yuri theme. Now, here is a list of the best cartoons with lesbian characters:

Adachi And Shimamura:

It’s just two normal school kids, Sakura Adachi as well as Hougetsu Shimamura, who meet in the school gym upon the second floor one day.

They become great friends and enjoy being with each other a lot. The two people often play table tennis together at noon, but as time goes on, their feelings for each other become more difficult.

Slowly, one of them starts to like the other person romantically, which pushes the limits of their friendship. Yet does turning into more than companions really make their lives better and happier, or does it just break up the important bond they have with each other?

The young deuteragonist in “Adachi and Shimamura” tries to deal with their confusing feelings while also dealing with other problems that kids their age face.

Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood:

This cartoon came out in August 2014 and has approximately eight volumes, making it another great Yuri manga series. The story is about a young girl named Akari Amano who got lost in the woods while looking for a girl who looks like a doll.

Sophia, the vampire, saved her, though, and took Akari home with her. At first, Akari was scared, yet later she became interested in Sophie’s attitude and decided to move in with her. Then they start their journey through a sweet and sour relationship.

Sweet Blue Flowers:

You know how they state you’ll always remember your first love as well as your best friend? In the sweet and beautiful story Sweet Blue Flowers, both are true.

When they were kids, they were best friends, but then life broke them up. What will happen when they meet again in high school? They’ve both changed, but they’re still the same inside. This one was all about soft feelings, first loves, and being gentle.

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Love To LIE Angle:

When Hanabi Natsuno goes back to Tokyo after six long years, she naturally remembers all the wonderful times she had there as a child. Natsuno decides to stay in the Tachibanakan girl’s apartment because she is moving there to start high school.

She has no idea how this choice will change her life. There, she meets a pretty girl and falls within love with her. Soon, everyone wants to be with her and she becomes the center of attention.

Hanabi also meets up with an old friend at Tachibanakan, which is interesting because she doesn’t remember much about her. “Love to lie angle” is about the weird teens who live in a house and learn to appreciate themselves as they are while searching for their voice.

Princess Principal:

There are 12 episodes of Princess Principal, and some of the story comes from the book The Prince as well as the Pauper. This anime’s story is mostly about girls and violence. The connections between the girls are more than just friendships. The anime isn’t exactly a Yuri anime, yet in some ways it is.

The story is set in London in the 20th century, starting with the war that split the country in two. The country was split into two separate countries, the Commonwealth and the Kingdom.

The story continues with the Commonwealth country, which hired five girls to work as secret spies to take the place of the princess of the Kingdom and get close to the power.

Revolutionary Girl Utena:

This is an old favorite. A mix of Rose of Versailles as well as Neon Genesis Evangelion, alongside Utena as the main female character who is totally badass. I’m not going to lie, this show is weird. There are some strange scenes, sexual hints, and a lot of symbols in it.

But that’s not the only great thing about it! There is a fighter girl who hopes to be brave such as the prince who saved her many years ago and a schoolmate who isn’t very strong and needs her help. That’s all we need.

Stardust Telepath:

The teen Umika Konohoshi is fifteen years old and wants to fit in with other people her age. Umika doesn’t give this normal dream much thought, though, because she has trouble making friends and expressing herself as much as she would like to.

Yuu Akeuchi, a self-proclaimed alien who teaches Konohoshi important lessons about making friends and socializing, comes into her life just as she has given up all hope. The movie Stardust Telepath is about a girl who has a hard time meeting new people. It also shows other, deeper problems in her personality.

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Like the name says, Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl is a cartoon about a lot of girls and their connections with each other. This anime has about 12 episodes, and it has both romance and thrills, as well as sci-fi. There is a shy boy named Hazumu at the beginning of the story who loves farming.

He finally got up the nerve to ask Yasuna to marry him one day, but she turned him down. After all of this, his heart broke, and he went to a place to sit and feel bad. It was there that he made a wish on a shooting star. As you all know, his wish came true, but with a twist. Everything has changed since his wish made him a girl.

Strawberry Panic:

Yuri is very simple. I only have one thing to say about this: if you like this kind of show, you’ll love this one. Like most gay cartoons, it takes place at school and is about young girls.

There is also the strange and lovely famous girl known as “Etoile,” who seems to be interested in the new girl, Nagisa, in a way that no one expected. This is one of the most enjoyable Yuri cartoons you’ll find. It has new feelings, initially relationships, as well as a bit of mystery.

Yuri is My Job:

Hime Shiraki loves to use her cute face and sweet voice to get people to fall in love with her and then employ them however she wants. But things take a strange turn when Mai Koshiba gets hurt and she has to take care of her, even though she had planned to marry a rich beau in the future.

Shiraki quickly learns that her mask isn’t always going to protect her when she has to work as a waitress at Café Liebe.

I’m in charge of Yuri! I work for Yuri! is one of the few Girls Love cartoons that goes beyond the norms of the genre and has an interesting idea. It might be the right Yuri show for you if you want something different.

Netsu Trap:

At the start of the cartoon, Yuma and Hotaru are childhood friends who have a lot in common. At the beginning of this story, Yuma has a boyfriend. Whenever something happens between them, she tells her friend Hotaru so that she can give her advice. For some reason, Hotaru doesn’t feel the same way about Yuma.

And one day, the two buddies feel the same way about each other, but they don’t want to admit it because it’s so different from what they’re used to. There you have it. This cartoon is about whether they are going to fall within love or break up. But one thing stays the same: their story is always fun to read.

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Bloom Into You:

Another day, another love story. But I’m sure this one will be especially helpful for you. This isn’t a love story; it’s about a young girl who can’t get enough of love songs and stories. She wants to discover that feeling she heard so much regarding.

That realization, the one that grabs her when a single of her friends says he loves her, is dulling. Because she is afraid she doesn’t really know what love is, she joins a new school. But the pretty head of the student council could change things.

Maria Watches Over Us:

Yumi Fukuzawa doesn’t know what to expect when she starts at Tokyo’s most famous all-girls Catholic school. But even in her wildest dreams, she never thought that she would catch the eye of Sachiko Ogasawara, one of the most famous girls in school.

Although Sachiko doesn’t ask for anything in return, Fukuzawa is surprised and confused when she offers to be her guide at her new school. Yet being around Sachiko means that almost all of the other students at school notice you, and they quickly start spreading stories about you and her.

Now Yumi has to choose if she wants Ogasawara to be around or not. She is not used to being in charge of the whole school’s attention. The cartoon “Maria Watches Over Us” is a great love story that you will enjoy.

Scum’s Wish:

In 2017, 12 episodes of the anime were shown on TV. There are both romantic and psychological tales in this cartoon. At the beginning of the cartoon, Hanabi and Mugi, a boy and a girl, are in a normal but strange relationship because both have been turned down by their partners.

And we’re together now because we were lonely. The story takes a strange turn when we learn that Hanabi is seeing someone else, her best friend Ecchan. And they never said yes in public. It’s a normal cartoon with a cute Yuri twist, that’s all.

Destiny Of The Shrine Maiden:

Are you sick of all the same heartbreaking and cute love stories? If so, Destiny of the Shrine Maiden might be a good choice for you. Himeko and Chikane have a bond that goes back to the beginning of time.

Here are some good dream tricks to get the party going again. Two girls who share a birthday, a town, and the forces of evil against the priestesses’ You got it they must safeguard the world in the end.