Right Now, You Can Watch The 15 Finest Sad Anime Of All Time


Right Now, You Can Watch The 15 Finest Sad Anime Of All Time:

Anime can make people feel a lot of different things. And while there are a lot of anime that are happy and inspiring, there are also a lot of anime that are sad and can make us cry.

When you watch these cartoons, even someone who is normally very strong will start to cry. There are a lot of sad cartoons out there that deal with things like love, war, disasters, death, and other things that make us feel things.

Slice-of-life, action, adventure, as well as science fiction are the most famous types of anime. However, most of them also have an emotional side that helps viewers connect alongside the characters as well as feel what they are going through.

But for the purposes of this piece, we will mostly be talking about tearjerkers, which are known for making people cry. You can get some of these somber cartoons on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu.

Tokyo 24th Ward:

Hazard Cast is a special tracking system used in the named jurisdiction area in Japan’s capital that can predict crashes and help victims right away to keep people safe. Unfortunately, these restrictions made Asami’s friends Ran Akagi, Kouki Suidou, as well as Shuuta Aoi feel empty for years after she died too soon.

While remembering the people who died in the fire, these three friends get a call that changes their lives forever. “Tokyo 24th Ward” talks about painful things like death and how it affects people’s lives in many ways. These deep topics are explored in the show, letting viewers feel the survivors’ pain and at times making them cry.

Grave Of The Fireflies:

Grave of the Fireflies is the saddest cartoon art ever made. Studio Ghibli films are known for having stories that make you feel good, but don’t let that fool you in this case. Grave of the Fireflies is a sad story about a young boy as well as his little sister who are trying to stay alive in Japan during World War II.

Not only do anime fans all over the world love this show, but some of the best reviewers and moviegoers also thought it was great, making it one of the best war anime ever made.

We thought things couldn’t get any worse until we learned that this anime was based on a true story about the author’s early life. You could cry such as a child for days after seeing this movie.

Oshi No Ko:

“Oshi No Ko” is one of the few shows that changes things in ways that fans don’t expect in every episode. The show tries to tell a scary story about addiction and getting even.It will be hard for the twins to get over the fact that their hero mother Ai Hoshino was killed in front of their children.

The killer has no idea, though, that the boy who saw his mother die is not like other kids. That was the start of his journey to find the killer to bring him to justice. You may have guessed that the death of mom was a recurring theme as well as one of the show’s main ideas.

Many years after the terrible crime, it is still having effects, and the kids who see it react in different ways. “Oshi No Ko” is one of the most popular cartoons of all time, so it’s not a surprise that its idea brings it to this list as well.

A Silent Voice:

A Silent Voice was a complete cartoon set that makes you feel a lot of different things. It shows a kid who picks on his friend Shouko Nishimiya.

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Because she is deaf, she chooses to leave after being picked on by this boy. So, the young boy Shouya Ishida gets the cold shoulder from his friends because of this. As time goes on, he realizes what he did wrong and asks for forgiveness.

As was already said, this cartoon has great graphics and a story that breaks your heart. It makes you feel a lot, and it does a good job of showing themes like sadness, bullying, anxiety, and more.

Even though the story has a lot of sad parts, it has a great ending that will make you feel great. You should watch A Silent Voice because it’s one of the best anime shows.

The Tunnel To Summer, The Exit Of Goodbyes:

Unfortunately, Kaoru Touno’s brothers die soon after, and he leaves home after a fight with his father. It looks like his whole life is falling apart right in front of his eyes.

It turns out that he got lost in a strange tunnel. It was the legendary Urashima Tunnel, which gives people’s dreams in exchange for their long lives. Later, Kaoru comes back with the hope that he can make things better in his life. He finds that he isn’t alone and that someone is watching him.

“The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes,” also known as “Natsu e no Tunnel, Sayonara no Deguchi,” is a sad movie about loss and grief. Even though it talks about happy things like first relationships, the anime is mostly sad because it deals with serious topics.

Fruits Basket:

People who watch Fruits Basket will go through the most intense psychological valleys of their lives. Based on those ratings, it quickly became MAL’s all-time favorite cartoon.

when the last season of the show aired. That says a lot about how good this show is. Some people think it’s one of the best movies ever, which is pretty amazing, right?

Fruits Basket not only gives you love satisfaction, but it also teaches you important lessons that you won’t soon forget. As a contrast to the usual happy portrayal of marriage, this anime not only shows the good things about love but also the bad things.

At that point, it turned into a sad cartoon, and every time I watched it, my heart hurt. Get a box of tissues or a towel ready before you view this cartoon.


“Suzume” by Makoto Shinkai is a fantasy cartoon about a girl named Suzume who opens a door to a dreamlike world and lets bad spirits pass through it. She learns that Japan is going through a psychological crisis. As things get more dangerous, Suzume decides to fight back to block off all of these magical openings.

The movie directed by Makoto Shinkai has many themes, such as being alone, losing someone, and getting over it. The movie has some very sad and moving parts that make it a great watch as well as a real tearjerker.

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas:

The cartoon I Want to Eat Your Pancreas was a romantic comedy with a big surprise at the end. I was one of the fans who could relate to the main character. Narrator: Haruki Shiga lives alone because she is shy and quiet. At some point, he finds his classmate’s hidden diary, which makes a huge difference in both of their lives.

You will not enjoy watching the movie as much if we tell you more about the plot. Don’t read the story first; just watch the movie. You can’t take your eyes off of this anime’s beautiful couple, and the way they show their growing bond is stunning.

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This anime movie has a simple plot, but the characters as well as graphics make it great. I bet this movie makes your heart hurt, especially at the end.


“Colorful” was the kind of magical thriller that can make anyone cry. But it’s not a very sad movie like “Grave of the Fireflies.” Instead, it’s a powerful look at how the world really works.

The movie is about coming to terms with yourself and getting a second chance. It shows a sad and unhappy person as they get to the train stop. The people in charge tell the soul that it won the draw and is one of the lucky few who will get to live again.

The main character doesn’t want to live his life over again, but he doesn’t have much of a choice, so he has to do it in the end.

There is a 14-year-old suicide victim named Makoto whose soul is reborn. Its job is to figure out what sins the body has made and why the soul killed itself. The soul has only six months to live, so he goes on an unusual trip that teaches him the value of second chances.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0:

It’s clear from the name of the cartoon that it’s about an 8.0-magnitude earthquake that destroys Tokyo, Japan. A 13-year-old student named Mirai Onozawa is going to a robot show far away alongside her younger brother Yuuki.

After the earthquake, the two kids are stuck in a city that has been badly damaged. They are lucky to meet Mari Kusakabe, a biker who decides to assist these poor kids. Now, this group of three has to stay alive in the chaos while wanting to be with their families again.

No matter what, whenever we see a story with a natural disaster theme, it makes us feel something. This is exactly what’s happening, as well as Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 does a good job of showing how people feel and how real things are.

That it doesn’t go too far and stays grounded makes for a heartbreaking and realistic look at what happens after an earthquake. It’s one of the most sad anime on our list, and there are only 11 episodes.

Kimi No Na Wa:

Mitsuha Miyamizu goes to a high school within the countryside of Japan as well as lives there. But she always wants something she doesn’t have, like living in Tokyo.

Her dream is to live as a boy within a busy city and experience all the ups and downs that come with that. Taki Tachibana, upon the other hand, lives in Tokyo and knows all about how busy city life can be.

He finds it hard to study and work part-time at the same time. His heart is good, but he has a short fuse and can’t wait. For some unknown reason, Mitsuha wakes up one day in Tokyo as a boy. It looks like her dream came true overnight.

While this is going on, Taki is shocked to find himself in the country and looking like a girl he has never met before. Both of them feel perplexed as well as want to learn more about this strange event while also looking for the other person. Because of what they did together, they ended up in a terrible accident that altered their lives forever.


Fans and critics alike have really liked the Clannad series. The first season of Clannad revolves around high school kids who are trying to make it in life by dealing with the problems that come up.

In the second part, we see how the main characters are still struggling to make things meet. The second season, which is called Clannad Following Story, is all about the hard parts of being an adult.

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It mostly talks about the problems that were faced to show how important family is. The fact that My Anime List gives the Clannad series high marks says a lot about how good the show is.

The second part of the anime’s story is a little sad, so get ready for your heart to break into a million pieces. Everyone should watch Clannad; don’t skip it if you’re not ready for a heartbreaking show.

Byousoku 5 Centimeter:

Takaki Tono meets Akari Shinohara when they are in grade school. The two got along right away because they are interested in the same things. Very quickly, they become each other’s best friends and would rather be with each other than with anyone else.

But when they finish elementary school, Akari goes to the county next door. Even though they don’t get to see each other every day, they write emails and stay in touch.

This time, though, Takaki’s family has to move upon the other end of the country, which changes everything. But before they are apart for a long time, Takaki wants to say goodbye to Akari and tell her how much he loves her one last time. But may the stars align to their favor? Will they be able to tell each other how they feel before it’s too late?

Violet Evergarden:

Like no other anime upon our list, Violet Evergarden breaks you down with each episode because each one tells an intense story. The main plot of the anime is about Violet Evergarden, the main character. Once the Great War was over, she got a new job with the mail service as an auto-memory doll.

She now sets out to help other people through writing letters that capture their thoughts and feelings. Violet wants to learn more about herself, the world, and her feelings on her trip. Violet Evergarden was one of the most gorgeous anime shows you will ever see. It has a lot of different emotional stories told in stunning visuals.

Violet’s character development is really great, and it makes you care about her. This sad cartoon will make you think about the people you’ve lost and make you miss them. To sum up, you should watch Violet Evergarden. Besides the anime, it has a bunch of movies that are just as sad as the anime.

Omoide No Marnie:

It’s sad, but “Omoide no Marnie” tells a beautiful tale about friendship as well as finding yourself. The movie is about a young girl named Anna Sasaki who has asthma attacks a lot.

She lives alongside her foster parents as well as would rather be alone because she has social anxiety as well as finds it hard to make new friends. Because her parents are worried about her health, they see a doctor. The doctor tells them to take Anna to the country, where the simple way of life might fit her better.

In the days that follow, Anna goes to a town to live via his aunt. While she is there, she spends most of her time drawing. When she finds an empty house called Marsh House by mistake, she gets a strange pull toward it.

Anna meets Marnie, a girl who stays there, because she is interested. They quickly become close friends, as well as Marnie’s positive outlook helps the main character make more friends. But not many people in the town know Marnie. Who is the strange girl Anna keeps running into? Is she trying to hide something awful?