Right Now, You Can Watch The 16 Best Movies For Adults Upon Amazon Prime


Right Now, You Can Watch The 16 Best Movies For Adults Upon Amazon Prime:

Want to set the mood with a hot movie? There may be other ways to watch videos besides Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and Chill, yet that doesn’t mean you are unable to locate what you want if you don’t have a Netflix account.

To save you time, we’ve made a list of the hottest movies upon Amazon Prime right now. Now you can just watch them. Whether you want a rich, sultry drama, an independent rom-com, or something really weird and hot,

Many R-rated as well as NC-17-rated movies are available on the platform, but you won’t be able to find any porn movies because the MPAA hasn’t made an area for them yet. Though it’s good that directors are choosing to show tough topics, they need to use raw sexual content to show what it’s like to be human and how vulnerable skin is.

Getting Go:

“Getting Go: The Go Doc Project,” which was written and directed through Cory Krueckeberg, is kind of like a fake documentary, which gives it a real feel.

The movie is about a college student named Doc whose only friends are people he meets online. He becomes crazy about Go, a go-go dancer, as well as offers to make a video about him and his way of life while he’s drunk.

When Go agrees out of the blue, he and Doc go on a trip that will change their lives. During the making of the video, they also get closer and learn a lot about each other.

Afternoon Delight:

Before Mrs. Fletcher, Kathryn Hahn gave a great performance of sexual reawakening within 2013’s Afternoon Delight. In that movie, she plays Rachel, a terribly bored housewife who makes friends with a young stripper and asks her to stay with her to “save” her.

However, she gets a lot more than she expected when she learns that her new friend is actually a proud and honest “full-service sex worker” who represents all the chaos Rachel misses in her boring life. The independent comedy-drama was directed and written through Joey Soloway, who also made Transparent. It has a lot of great acts.

The Neon Demon:

Nicolas Winding Refn’s third movie after the amazing Drive and the stylish yet empty Only God Forgives stars Elle Fanning as a fresh-faced kid from a small town who goes to Los Angeles to try to become a supermodel.

The Neon Demon is extremely gory and over-the-top in terms of style. The top part is gobsmacking, but the bottom part has little to nothing going on. Maybe that’s the point? Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Jena Malone, Bella Heathcote, as well as the underrated, very charming Abbey Lee Kershaw are also in The Neon Demon.

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The Escort:

The Escort is a movie about two people who fall in love and find out how hard life can be for them. It was written by Vivian Chiji and produced by Emem Isong.

Woman in the story is a businessman who thinks her husband has been cheating upon her but can’t do anything about it. When she tries to get laid with an escort, things get confusing when he feels affection for her.

American Swing:

There was a swing club in the 1970s named Plato’s Retreat that promoted the controversial notion of separating love from sex. This was during the American age of free love.

American Swing tells the story of Larry Levenson’s Plato’s Retreat, from its glorious rise to its messy fall. It does this by looking at the club’s philosophy, rules, as well as the counterculture scene that made it a popular place to be.

Interviews, old footage, and a few steamy stories help directors Jon Hart as well as Mathew Kaufman paint a full picture of this dancing sauna. You should almost certainly put your children to bed before watching this.

Red, White & Royal Blue:

When the movie adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s book chose a R rating over a PG-13 rating, it made news.

The picture of Alex Claremont-Diaz’s butt is likely to blame, but the movie also has a lot of hookups, sex scenes with Prince Henry of England, and a lot of sexy dialogue.

Unlike the rough tent sex in Brokeback Mountain, this scene shows more correctly how hard it is to bottom and how much care and time it takes.

Birds Of Paradise:

“Birds of Paradise,” which was directed through Sarah Adina Smith, is based on A.K. Small’s 2019 book “Bright Burning Stars.” The story is about two girls, Marine as well as Kate, who become fierce rivals at the dance school, where the rivalry is extremely tough.

Both girls want to win the prize that will alter their lives and become the best dancers within the school. At first, they are enemies, but they quickly find things they have in common and become friends.

They care about each other and want to win, but this circle of love as well as competition makes things too hard for them.


Before 50 Shades of Grey, there was Secretary, a story about a boss and an employee who become close and deal with their feelings in a way that is similar to BDSM.

Lee Holloway puts the “secret” in secretary when she gets out of the mental hospital. Her mistakes and willful submission catch the eye of her cruel boss, Mr. Grey, and the two soon end up having a tryst.

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As they explore each other’s bodies, they start to learn more about themselves. To be truly with each other, they have to deal with shame both inside and outside of themselves.

Even though it was made before there were open talks about kink as well as consent, the movie takes a brave view for its time, using BDSM sometimes for laughs but having a real heart at its core.

Girl/Girl Scene:

Girl/Girl Scene is based upon a web series with the same name. Tucky Williams plays the lead role. The book looks at the love and sexual lives of several LGBT people. Many people have said that Girl/Girl Scene is like The L Word on Showtime.

The Feels:

“The Feels” is about two women whose nearly perfect relationship gets put to the test when they find out something shocking. The show stars Constance Wu as well as Angela Trimbur. Andi and Lu, who are getting married soon, go to a bachelorette party that their close friends put together.

They will remember this fun night together with love once they are married. But when Lu says she’s never had an orgasm, things go wrong, and they start to question how serious their relationship really is.

Breaking The Girls:

Breaking the Girls offers a thrilling take on the famous book that was turned into a movie called Strangers upon a Train. Alex and Sara, two college students, agree to kill their friends and cause the most trouble for each other. But things quickly get out of hand when they go from being plotting partners to dangerous loves.

Jaime Babbit, who directed the movie, has a great eye for bringing out the scary and sexual parts of the story in a way that keeps you watching.

Zima, on the other hand, gives a terrifying yet alluring performance from beginning to end that makes you feel unsafe while pulling you ever more deeply into her trap. You’ll never know what’s going to happen in this thriller, which offers a wonderful new take upon an old favorite.


Bros. made history when it came out because it was one of the first big studio releases of a gay love comedy with an all-LGBTQ lead cast. In a very sweet love story that is also a pretty raunchy R-rated comedy, Billy Eichner as well as Luke Macfarlane play two guys.

People can see into the sex lives of many gay men through threesomes and strange Grindr hookups…. It’s a very hot peek.

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The Only Living Boy In New York:

In “The Only Living Boy in New York,” which stars Kate Beckinsale, Callum Turner, as well as Pierce Brosnan, a young man named Thomas finds out that his father is cheating on him. Thomas goes up to the woman, Johanna, and asks her to stay away from his family to protect his parents’ marriage. But he ends up falling in love with her.

Thomas finds out more regarding his father as well as his parents’ failed marriage, which had been hidden for too long. This makes things more difficult. All of this makes him want Johanna even more.

My Policeman:

My Policeman is based on the same-named book by Bethan Roberts. It shows how the lives of a married English couple are affected when an old friend comes back into their lives.

A couple named Marion and Tom are taking care of their friend Patrick from many years ago in the present day. The movie then cuts to the late 1950s, where we learn about Tom’s secret relationship with Patrick, which was threatening to destroy Marion and Tom’s marriage.

One of the best parts of the movie is when Harry Styles as well as David Dawson play young versions of Tom as well as Patrick. Their roles as they try to balance their need for love with the expectations of the society they live in are complex and sad.

Bones And All:

Even though Bones and All is horny, it’s also a rough, bloody, and violent show. What else might you expect from two young, angry vampire cannibals who fall in love?

Luca Guadagnino’s story about two outsiders who are linked by their desire to eat people stars Timothée Chalamet as well as Taylor Russell. There are some sexy scenes, some bloody scenes, and some scenes that mix the two in sick ways. We also love seeing Timmy play a gay hero, even if the boys he sleeps with are his food.


The script and direction for “Allure” came from Carlos and Jason Sanchez. Evan Rachel Wood plays Laura, an unhappy person who tries to discover meaning in her friendship with Julia Sarah Stone as Eva, a young girl.

At the start of the thriller, Laura and Eva, who are both unhappy alongside their lives, run into each other as well as are drawn to each other. Because of their relationship, Eva moves in with Laura and leaves her awful home life behind. But as time goes on, things get harder because Laura’s deeds become less clear.