Right Now, You Can Watch These 15 LGBTQ Television Shows And Movies Upon Peacock:


Right Now, You Can Watch These 15 LGBTQ Television Shows And Movies Upon Peacock:

The number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-friendly movies and TV shows on Peacock is not nearly as large as those on Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.

It’s also a long way from HBO’s huge library of original gay content. In fact, HBO is still the only rival in the streaming wars with a comedy regarding gay pirates that has been praised by critics.

But at least a few of the LGBTQ stories on Peacock right now are good enough that you might want to visit the service just for that, even if you normally just watch average NBC shows there.

TV shows about five women as well as their rock band stand out. “We Are Lady Parts” is one of the best. “Those harmonies aren’t always neat for Lady Parts; they’re a punk quartet that can fill any rehearsal space alongside as much sound as it can hold.”

These include new hits such as Girls5eva, which is about a girl band that had one big hit in the 1990s getting back together, We Are Lady Parts, which is about a Muslim punk band made up of women only, and One of Us Is Lying, a teen murder mystery.

We Are Lady Parts:

The story of an all-female Muslim rock band from the UK is told via the eyes of Amina Hussain, a geeky PhD student in microbiology who becomes the group’s lead guitarist against all odds. The other members are the boss of the band, Momtaz, the lead singer Saira, and the gay drummer Ayesha.

In this story regarding identity, social media, romance, as well as friendship, Amina is torn between two worlds the strict one of her college friends and the wild and crazy one of Lady Parts.

She is also trying to find love. It has gotten great reviews since it came out in the US and UK, as well as fans can also watch the initial music from the television series.

Would It Kill You To Laugh:

Kate Berlant and John Early’s hour-long comedy special “Would It Kill You to Laugh” jumps between a bunch of weird sketches and a loose plot in which they play angry ex-costars getting back together for the anniversary of their beloved sitcom classic “He’s Gay, She’s Half-Jewish.”

Early as well as Berlant are two of the most entertaining performers working today, and they bring their trademark humor to a set of sketches that are all killer, no filler. One of the sketches is a joke about paying restaurant bills with hot caramel that makes you laugh and puzzles you at the same time.

The whole show has a very alt-queer vibe, especially the crazy sketch where Berlant hits on the very, very gay Early within more and more strange ways.

Girls 5eva:

A show about a girl group from the 1990s who only had one big hit and then gets back together for one last try? starring Renée Elise, winner of the Tony Award, Sara Bareilles, Paula Pell, a regular on SNL, and Busy Phillips?

Do I hear right that Tina Fey produced it and that the all-star group sings original songs? When it comes to Girls5eva, they give gay people everything they want. The eight-part show is about a girl group whose music is copied by a young rapper.

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They now have an opportunity to make their pop dreams come true while juggling their marriages, kids, jobs, bills, and other things. Bowen Yang, Vanessa Williams, as well as Tina Fey all appear as guests on the show, and it has already been picked up for a second season.

Ranma 1/2:

An anime version of Rumiko Takahashi’s famous humor book “Ranma 1/2” follows the main character, a teenage boy, and his experiences after he receives cursed in a Chinese hot spring and has to change into a woman when he gets wet.

Any cishet boy would be unhappy in this situation, but for Ranma, it’s especially bad because his father was a total jerk who promised his daughter to at least three moody women: Akane, whom he has to live with and go to school with; Chinese Amazon Shampoo; and Ukyo, a childhood friend.

One of the more complicated love triangles in movie history is made up of two evil rich brothers who are each within love with an alternate portrayal of Ranma as well as a martial artist who is cursed to turn into a piglet and loves Akane.

There are a lot of cheap gay jokes in “Ranma 1/2” that don’t work anymore. Queer people really liked the show at the time because it had a gender-fluid plot and a lot of characters who weren’t clear about their sexuality. Even now, the show has a campy, “gawk at these dumb straights” vibe that makes it perfect for gay anime fans.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist:

There is singing and dancing in this comedy show about a software worker named Zoey Clarke who finds out she can hear people’s deepest feelings as songs.

This means that fans get to hear singing numbers from Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect, Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls, as well as gender nonconforming star Alex Newell, who plays Zoey’s roommate and sings some famous songs.

This includes “This Little Light of Mine,” “Lean on Me,” and “The Trouble with Love Is.” The show has a lot of sad, funny, romantic, and other things. You can watch the first two seasons, and there are reports of a two-hour Christmas movie coming out soon.

Modern Family:

A huge extended family helps each other through good times and bad in the very popular ABC domestic comedy. About a third of each show is usually about Mitchell and Cameron’s fights. They are a gay pair alongside an adopted daughter from Vietnam.

Over the years, “Modern Family” has been criticized for how it portrayed Mitch and Cam. Specifically, it was criticized for how it often avoided showing physical love between the two as well as instead made them seem like stereotypes.

Even though that was a bad habit, the two were pretty groundbreaking characters when the show first started. They played a happy gay couple within a committed relationship that never changed throughout the series.

The show did a great job of making them seem like real people. Cameron provided some of the funniest moments, and Mitchell’s plot was one of the most confusing, as he dealt with his anger over his father’s difficulties in accepting his sexuality.

Queer As Folk:

This show isn’t quite ready to watch yet because it’s still being made, but Peacock’s new version of Russell T. Davies’ groundbreaking show Queer as Folk will be out soon.

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The American spin-off, which comes after the 2000 version, will follow the lives of a group of different friends within New Orleans, Louisiana, in the present day. The main idea will be about how an unknown accident changes their lives.

Also, non-binary actor Jesse James Keitel has been cast as a series regular. He will play a trans party girl who has changed a bit and is having a hard time growing up. The movie hasn’t come out yet, but keep an eye on this space for updates. It will be another one to add to your list of movies to watch.


A TV follow-up to the famous “Child’s Play” killer doll series. Brad Dourif voices the most famous ginger in movies as Chucky takes over the life of gay teen Jake and starts to mess up his and his loved ones’ lives.

Were you not there when Chucky said “gay rights”? When the show first came out, there was a scene where Chucky supported the LGBTQ community as well as called homophobes “monsters.” This scene quickly went viral. It’s a funny joke that fits right in with the crazy, campy, as well as very gay world that the famous doll gets to abuse.

One Of Us Is Lying:

The TV show version of One of Us Is Lying will be released by Peacock prior to the end of the year. the show is based on Karen M. McManus’s best-selling young adult novel of the same name. The book is about a high school where a student dies in detention and everyone starts to suspect someone.

There are five main characters: the brain, the criminal, the princess, the jock, as well as Simon, who runs an online talk group. It’s kind of like The Breakfast Club meets talk Girl, but with murder. One of the primary characters in the book is gay, and it’s possible that this theme will also be present in the new series.

Saved By The Bell:

Peacock’s “Saved by the Bell” remake series is one of the weirdest shows to ever come out on streaming services. It’s a reboot of the initial cheesy ’90s comedy, a parody of the original television series, as well as a modern spoof of class relations.

Governor Zach Morris shuts down some poor schools in California. The students from those schools are then sent to the wealthy Bayside High, where they have a hard time fitting in with the school’s culture, which hasn’t changed much since the early 1990s.

Part of what makes “Saved by the Bell” so fun to watch is how strange it is. The young actors who play the Bayside kids are especially good at their jobs.

Without a doubt, Josie Totah’s performance as Lexi, a transgender cheerleader with a self-centered side and a sense of humor best compared to Jenna Maroney and Regina George, is the best of the best.

Through her sharp-tongued line readings, Totah steals the show, and the show’s honest looks at her weaknesses as a young trans woman make her both the emotional center and the comic star.

Vanderpump Dogs:

Lisa Vanderpump is a gay hero because she was upon The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even though she hasn’t been on the show in a few seasons, fans can still see her. LVP owns a famous pet adoption shop within West Hollywood called Vanderpump Dogs, which aired its first episode upon Peacock a few months ago.

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The show follows the stories of the cutest and craziest dog adoptions. You will see more glitz and silliness in this reality show with Vanderpump and dogs, which are her favorite thing within the world.


Fans in the UK love Suranne Jones as well as Rose Leslie, who play leads in this police show. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface. Jones plays a detective who is sent to the HMS Vigil to look into the death of a member of the crew in a ship-based thriller. Obviously, it doesn’t take many questions for the crew of the Vigil to start acting rude about her being on board.

In a puzzle that keeps getting more complicated about who knows important secrets and who can hear them, Jones and Leslie play agents with their own pasts to figure out. As the story goes on, there are some exciting moments that wouldn’t be out of place on an action show. But “Vigil” is strong because it draws energy from below the surface.

The Real Housewives Of The North Pole:

When we talk about The Real Housewives, a holiday movie called The Real Housewives of the North Pole will be available to watch just in time for Christmas. The two main characters, Rish and Diana, are the “Christmas Queens” of North Pole, Vermont. They will be played by Kyle Richards, a mother from Beverly Hills, and Besty Brandt.

Just days before Christmas, they get into a terrible fight that starts a town-wide feud, which makes me think of an episode of The Real Housewives. A national magazine writer is interested in their fight because she wants to get her first big story with a report called “Real Housewives of the North Pole.” Even though Peacock hasn’t said when it will come out, it’s likely to be later this year.

Her Story:

A love comedy about three women residing in Los Angeles, “Her Story” made transgender issues a topic of conversation when it received a nomination for an Emmy in 2016. Jen Richards, who wrote and created the show, plays Violet, a trans woman who has to face her love to women when she meets Laura Zak, who co-created the show and plays the brave reporter Allie.

Richards and Zak had real energy and fun bantering with each other. “Her Story” also introduced Angelica Ross, who played a powerful lawyer who juggles love and work. The neatly written 9-minute shows fly by as they tell an interesting and endearing story regarding two trans women having normal lives, which was a new idea at the time.

Porcupine Lake:

Bea, who is 13, wants nothing more than to have a best friend. While Kate is having a lazy summer, it looks like her wish has come true. In the well-known Canadian film “Porcupine Lake,” on the other hand, what seems at first to be a quick friendship takes upon a new form as the two become closer over the course of one tragic summer.

This coming-of-age story is told with great care, and it shows how complicated and emotional being young can be. “Porcupine Lake” is Veninger’s latest moving work that tries to fully express his deep desire to write about youth and the strong feelings that come with it.