Ripley and the Xenomorph Alien arrive in Fortnite


Now yes (and it was to be expected): the saga Alien comes to Fortnite, with the landing of Ripley and the Xenomorph available … for purchase, nothing unlocking like Predator.

Announced by the Fortnite Team, Ripley arrives in her Nostromo crewman outfit and cat carrier, which includes the cat Jonesy.

The Xenomorph comes equipped not only with the beak that is the character’s black tail, but with a threatening gesture included.

We can always get hold of the Alien universe space pack, which includes everything you can see below:


What a beast crossover they are making in Fortnite. We will be able to see the Xenomorph and Ripley (if we go to duos, even as a team) fight against Predator, against the Terminator himself, or against Sarah Connor. Or see how the Master Chief casts a gun on these beings. As we say, this season, focused on hunters, offers us an experience that does not focus on a single franchise (like the previous one with Marvel), but brings us a huge range of characters from all backgrounds, as well as allowing us to control to great game classics like Kratos.

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