Riquelme’s annoyance against the prosecutor who closed the Bombonera: “You would have to ask the lady what painting it is from”

The vice president of Boca Juniors was upset with the prosecutor

Juan Román Riquelme contributed several concepts related to the sporting and institutional news of Boca Juniorsbut without a doubt the most critical moment of the press conference he gave was when he attacked the prosecutor celsa ramirezresponsible of the closing of one of the stands of the Bombonera in the match against Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero.

to vice president xeneize he was noted to be highly obfuscated and insistent on the subject: “La Bombonera is beautiful, people make that stadium more and more beautiful. You would have to ask the lady what painting it is from. It is the same one that made me declare myself. Hopefully now that we know that everything is in order, that things will be presented this afternoon, he will work until Saturday and enable it as it should be because it harms the fan. I ask the lady to let the fans go and enjoy the show because they are the owners of our house”.

Meanwhile, he rolled out the red carpet for Martín Palermo, who with his Platense will visit the stadium Alberto J. Armando this Sunday, and ironically remarked on the closing theme: “We want to receive one of our idols (Martín Palermo), the coach of the rival team and hopefully we can win. Why was it closed? Don’t know”.

Román was also asked if he believed that the closure of the third South flag on the field was due to a political issue. The response, outlining a smile, was an invitation to the contest that will take place next December: “It’s going to be a really fun year.”

Even when Riquelme was asked about the possibility of expanding the Bombonera in the future, he took the opportunity to point to Ramírez: “It will continue to be a party every Sunday and Wednesday. I love our stadium and our fans, I am one more. They are the owners of our club. That the lady let us go to our house because we have everything in order”. In the next few hours, the directive xeneize would receive the OK from the government authorities to have the full capacity of its capacity in the match against Platense this Sunday (it will start at 7:15 p.m.).

And it was for more, announcing that surely in the middle of the year he would enjoy his farewell party in the “patio of his house”: “We are going to do my farewell party. We’ll see if some things settle, but this year it can’t happen. I always have the idea of ​​playing one more game at the Bombonera. We’ll see if halfway through the year we can have that game and enjoy it with our fans. And that this lady let me enjoy and not close the Bombonera”.

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