Rivers Cuomo: the emotional story behind his legendary Veracruz jersey

Rivers Cuomo with the Veracruz shirt (Photo: Instagram @rivers_cuomo / Twitter @lindseystirling)
Rivers Cuomo with the Veracruz shirt (Photo: Instagram @rivers_cuomo / Twitter @lindseystirling)

Rivers Cuomo, the popular guitarist of Weezer, has a particular love for the team of Red Sharks from Veracruz, so it is common to see him during his tours of Mexico with an allusive shirt.

However, it is a uniform of the 90’s, because it was part of a gift that they gave him long before he was famous, during one of his backpacking trips around Mexico.

“Yes, when I was 20 I came to Mexico to know a little, I didn’t have much money. I took a truck to VeracruzIt was very hot, and an 11-year-old boy came up, started talking to me, taught me a little about the country, and took me home to his parents.

“They had almost no money, but they let me stay there for a few days. They fed me and insisted that I stay in my father’s bed. He slept on the floor. They were too good to me”, He explained during an interview with Claudio de Telehit.

MEXICO, DF, OCTOBER 11, 2014.- The Weezer band performed at Corona Capital.  PHOTO: MARÍA JOSÉ MARTINEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM
MEXICO, DF, OCTOBER 11, 2014.- The Weezer band performed at Corona Capital. PHOTO: MARÍA JOSÉ MARTINEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM

But the most emotional part was when He assured that he has a very nice memory of that shirt, and the reason for wearing it is because it always makes you feel the goodness of people.

“When I went back to the United States, the boy gave me this shirt. It’s my favorite shirt from my favorite team. I have it saved just to remind me how beautiful the goodness of people is, ”he revealed.

At that age, Rivers Cuomo he was not yet part of one of the largest gangs of the so-called Geek Rock that took everyone’s ears by storm.

Weezer was created a few years later, in the early 90’s. It was until 1994 that they recorded their first and legendary album.: Blue Album or the blue disc for the color of its cover, where a photograph of Rivers con Jason Cropper, Matt Sharp y Patrick Wilson.

For record number 294 of the 500 greatest of all time (Rolling Stone), “Undone – The Swater Song” it was the first single that American musicians released. That video clip was broadcast with great notoriety in the programming of MTV and other channels of the world.

Rivers Cuomo in his Veracruz Red Sharks shirt (Twitter / @lindseystirling)
Rivers Cuomo in his Veracruz Red Sharks shirt (Twitter / @lindseystirling)

Also, it is relevant because it was also the first time that Cuomo presented the shirt of the Red Sharks of Veracruz to the public around the world, and wears it with great pride.

The video is a tour of the scenography of a common concert for Weezer in those times: a medium-capacity theater, where the coexistence between the audience and the band is the daily bread, divided only by … the height of the stage.

This spirit by the Red Sharks of Veracruz it was immediately passed on to all his companions, not only from the band, but also from the staff and all those close to him who let themselves be hypnotized by the colors.

Plus, it’s something fans acknowledge and applaud. So much so that until 2019 they joined forces to create a petition on change.org where they proposed that Rivers Cuomo buy from the franchise to keep it alive.

Rivers Cuomo with the Veracruz shirt (Photo: YouTube / Weezer)
Rivers Cuomo with the Veracruz shirt (Photo: YouTube / Weezer)

Recently, the arrest of the businessman was reported Fidel Kuri Grajales, who was the owner of the Veracruz Sports Club. The operation was carried out by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) and by agents of the Mexican capital, between them they found the whereabouts of the also Mexican politician to initiate the arrest, as explained by the CMDX Prosecutor’s Office.

Fidel Kuri was apprehended in the Mexico City and later he was transferred to the State of Mexico where he entered the Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center of Almoloya de Juárez as a detainee to initiate the legal case against him.

The former director of Veracruz would face legal process for a alleged fraud that he committed against one of the Mexican television stations, TV Azteca, who would be the victim of the situation and who would have initiated the lawsuit against Kuri.


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