Robert A. Altman, Founder and CEO of ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s Parent Company, Dies


A few minutes ago, Bethesda released a statement reporting the death of Robert A. Aitman, founder and CEO of ZeniMax, the parent company of its own. Bethesda and other very important companies in the video game industry.

The loss is very significant, but Bethesda’s tribute, with a very emotional letter, also helps us believe that in an industry that generates a lot of money every year, there is still room for those people who, in addition to entrepreneurs, are also visionary and very human. And this is how they have described Aitman himself. You can see the message below.

The statement, published and Twitter, is accompanied by a text that corresponds to the first part of the letter. This is what that text says:

“We are deeply saddened to share with you the passing of Robert A. Altman, our Founder and CEO. He was a true visionary, friend and believer in the spirit of people and in the power of what they could accomplish together. He was an extraordinary leader and a being even better human. “.

The rest of the letter is dedicated, mainly, to show the public one of the messages that Robert A. Aitman sent to his workers in this time of pandemic (according to what they say, he sent a message every week).

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And in it you can see not only the motivation that he tried to transmit to the workers, commenting on what they had achieved with the company, but also encouraging them to give importance to other aspects outside of work and to have time for themselves. More in the times that we are living.

Rest in peace, Aitman.