Robert Pattinson Explaining His Passion For Final Fantasy VII To Zoe Kravitz Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today


The actor who will play the bat in The Batman has had a fun time with the actress who will play Catwoman.

Final Fantasy VII is a video game that marked an entire generation, Squaresoft’s work arrived in 1997 on the first PlayStation with one of the most beloved stories and characters in video games. It is the case of Robert Pattinsonwho has not stopped showing his passion for the great video game on several occasions, which he confesses is his favorite title in the franchise.

The actor is in the middle of promoting his new movie, The Batman, along with his co-star, Zoe Kravitzwho plays Selina Kyle (Catwoman) on the tape In an interview for a French program called Clique, the actor talked to the interviewer about the legendary JRPG, while his partner, not having played the game, I didn’t understand what they were talking about.

This gave rise to a funny situation when Pattinson launched into talking about the love triangle in which he was immersed with Aeris and Tifa. Pattinson confessed that he was in love with Aeris from the beginning, but also with Tifa. The actor describes Aeris as “a kind girl who has the superpower to heal everyone and make the world a better place.”

Poor woman. We have to heal everyone, it’s exhaustingZoe KravitzPoor woman. We have to heal everyone, it’s exhausting“Kravitz joked. Pattinson continues to describe Tifa as a sexy girl in a miniskirt while confessing that he had no choice. And well, here they come SPOILERS fat about Final Fantasy VII that you probably all know, even if you have not played the game, in any case, you have been warned. Pattinson remembers the death of Aeris: “This is how men discover what love is“, sentenced.

Kravitz continues to joke along with his filming partner, while between laughs he points out that they give us a choice between “who is going to cure everyone or the one in the short skirt“If you have not yet played the Square Enix remake of the 1997 video game, at 3DJuegos we will tell you about the changes in the work in our analysis of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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