Robin Roberts Gets Married To Amber Laign In A Small Wedding In A Backyard


Robin Roberts Gets Married To Amber Laign In A Small Wedding In A Backyard:

“An intimate, magical wedding ceremony held in our backyard, followed by a joyous reception…ohhhh the dancing,” Roberts wrote upon Instagram on Sunday next to a photo of herself as well as Laign holding hands in their wedding dresses.

“Thank you so much to everyone who made it a day and night to remember. We’re going on our honeymoon!”, Roberts said.

The veteran “Good Morning America” host also showed video of her brothers dancing to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” as they walked out to make a toast. Roberts called this “one of the many highlights” of the gathering.

Robin Roberts And Amber Laign Got Married On Friday:

Robin Roberts, the co-host of Good Morning America, got married to her longtime partner Amber Laign upon Friday, and the reception was a lot of fun.

The two beautiful women got married in a Connecticut backyard. Roberts’ childhood preacher presided over the wedding. In January, Roberts told author as well as motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein that she was going to get married to Laign this year.

“We had talked about it before, but we put it off. Roberts told Bernstein, “She got sick.” During their partnership, both Laign as well as Roberts have had to deal with major health problems.

In February 2022, Roberts posted a video to Laign’s confirmed Twitter account in which she said that Laign had been told she had breast cancer. In July of that year, she told her fans that Laign had finished a part of her treatment.

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After Their Scandalous Affair, Amy Robach As Well As T.J. Holmes Were Not Asked To The Wedding:

Amy Robach as well as TJ Holmes, two of Roberts’s former coworkers, were not there. According to The US Sun, they were not asked to the wedding because of their shocking affair.

Al Roker, Erielle Reshef, Lara Spencer, as well as Dr. Jen Ashton were among the TV stars who attended the newlyweds’ party. Sam Champion, a reporter and co-star of Roberts, and his husband, Rubem Robierb, went to a party for the couple.

Kimberley Godwin, Dr. Whitney Bowe, Whit Johnson, Deborah Roberts, Rebecca Jarvis, as well as Ben Aaron were also at the magical night. In 2007, Roberts said she was going through treatment for breast cancer.

In 2012, she also said that she had been identified as having myelodysplastic syndrome as well as had a bone marrow donation to save her life. Now that they don’t have to worry about their health, the couple seems to have found the right time to celebrate their love.

Roberts Said That A Lot Of People Get Married Hoping And Looking For The Same Things That Amber And Myself Know That We Have:

“Many people enter into marriage hoping to find for what Amber and myself already know we have, so ours constitutes a celebration,” Roberts stated upon “GMA” in August. “We’ve been living life happily ever after via every valley and valley, so it’s a party.”

At their wedding dinner over the weekend, both Robin Roberts as well as Amber Laign wore their hair up. The song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” played as they walked into Farmington Gardens.

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LuKas, a mix of a Tibetan Spaniel and a Papillon, was also there. He was wearing a black and white bowtie. The couple looked great as they walked along a path of soft-colored flowers, with Roberts holding a bunch and Laign just smiled at her new wife.

The designers Mark Badgley as well as James Mischka made each bride a beautiful white gown just for her. Laign’s dress had a scoop neckline and a long train within the back, while Roberts’ dress enjoyed a high neckline alongside beads on the collar and a short train alongside buttons along her spine.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight Was Playing On The Violin As They Walked Into Their Reception At Farmington Gardens:

Caroline Campbell played the song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” on the violin as Roberts and Laign walked into their wedding at Farmington Gardens with their hair up.

Robach as well as Holmes were married when they were together, and it’s only been nine months since they disappeared from the public eye that they’ve gotten back together.

Amy as well as TJ are not requested, which makes Amy very angry. A person with knowledge told the outlet, “She and Robin were much more than just coworkers; they had a deep friendship.”