Rodolfo Vilchis, former player of Atlas, reported a robbery in his house for more than 200 thousand pesos

The former Atlas and Monarcas Morelia player reported a robbery at his home that, according to his estimates, exceeded MXN 200 thousand. Similarly, he requested the support of the fans to locate the person responsible for the crime (Video: Instagram / @ rodolfo_vilchis)

Rudolph Vilchis Cruz, who in his professional era defended the colors of various teams in Liga MX and Ascenso, reported having been crime victim. Through a video broadcast on her social networks, she reported that various valuables stored inside her house were stolen while she was away. According to his estimates, the total sum could exceed MXN 200 mil and asked for help in locating the person responsible.

“Bandita from Zitacuaro, I just got robbed. I went to work somewhere. I went to play in a place outside Zitácuaro and they came to rob my house. There are gold slaves with my initials ‘RV’, some hand slaves. There are cell phones. They stole more than 200 thousand pesos from me. I just want you to help me. Here in Zitácuaro we all know each other, we all know what p * do ”, he pointed out through his verified Instagram account @rodolfo_vilchis.

In the published material, more people can be seen in the living room of the soccer player’s house. The reaction of all of them was surprise when noticing the damage caused by the thieves, as well as the things they managed to take from the home. Although most of the time, the former professional soccer player is calm, towards the last minutes She asked, with a start, for help in locating the perpetrators.

The player played for teams from Liga MX and Liga de Expansión (Photo: Instagram/@rodolfo__vilchis)
The player played for teams from Liga MX and Liga de Expansión (Photo: Instagram/@rodolfo__vilchis)

“I am going to notify (sic) whoever helps me find him, that they sell something of mine and find out who it was. Help me find it. Please, bandage from Zitacuaro, make me unemployed. I will notify whoever helps me find out who was the thief who broke into my house (sic). Hopefully the entire band from Zitácuaro will help me”pronounced in the last seconds of the material.

Through a series of time stories, the player also known by the nickname of some detailed that the thieves also dedicated themselves to removing and searching for things of value among the belongings of their children. “You don’t know the sacrifice I had to make to get that money, food for my family. God bless you,” she wrote in a post.

Robinho, who after retiring established his residence in Italy, was also a victim of said modus operandi. In the year 2013the local environment The Gazzetta dello Sport reported that when the Brazilian player went to the airport to pick up his wife and children after a trip, a group of criminals took the opportunity to break into his home and steal various objects. The robbery could have been EUR 30 milthat is, MXN 654 thousand, approximately.

Vilchis came to wear the colors of Monarcas Morelia (Photo: Instagram/@rodolfo__vilchis)
Vilchis came to wear the colors of Monarcas Morelia (Photo: Instagram/@rodolfo__vilchis)

The last time Vilchis Cruz played for a professional team was Two years ago. The institution that saw him hang the tennis shoes of the maximum circuit were the Alebrijes from Oaxaca, in the Expansion League. Since then it has continued to be linked to soccer, although for amateur tournament teams that play their matches in various venues.

Years before, the native of Zitácuaro, Michoacán, took his first steps as a professional in his home state. After playing in his hometown, he made the leap to Morelia Athletic Club, to later join Mérida FC, of ​​the Liga de Ascenso. His talent caught the attention of Monarcas and was registered as a squad playeralthough he experienced some loans in various teams on the silver circuit.

His Stability in the First Division came in 2014, when the team from Morelos called him to the first team. From there he was transferred to Queretaro and, subsequently, to Atlas from Guadalajara, where he also experienced some loans to the Liga de Expansión. According to the site Transfermarktthe maximum value of his card was €1 million.


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