Romelu Lukaku made his defense about the controversial goal celebration in the classic against Zlatan’s Milan

Summary of Inter’s triumph against Milan

The latest edition of the classic by Milan brought a new chapter of conflict on the table. The main plant of the day was the reunion between Romelu Lukaku Y Zlatan Ibrahimovic after the conflict they had in the Italy Cup. The duel had a win by Inter with two goals from Lautaro Martinez and one of the Belgian, who in his celebration raised complaints from the fans of the rival team.

The forward’s game was already good until before the third goal where he faced from midfield and broke the goal to Gianluigi Donnarumma. In the goal shout, he ran in the direction of the corner flag and began to exclaim things to the air until his teammates came to hug him. A Milan fan captured the moment and sent it to him via Twitter, where Lukaku replied.

“What did you say when you scored the third goal against Milan?”, was the question of the fan. And Romelu replied: “I actually said a lot of shit amid so much adrenaline”. According Sky Italy, the words used by the forward would have been “I’m the best, damn it, I, I, I told you so”. From the other side of the playing field, Zlatan Ibrahimovic saw the Belgian’s maneuver in the third goal in the distance and applauded once the win was completed.

“What did you say when you scored the third goal against Milan?” Was the question from the fan. And Romelu replied: “I really said a lot of shit amid so much adrenaline.”

It is worth remembering that this rivalry between Zlatan and Lukaku was conceived during the first leg of the Italian Cup semifinals that were disputed in January. The two argued angrily, putting their heads together defiantly, before being separated by their companions. The image, which went around the world on television and on social media, was even immortalized this week by a fresco painted on a wall next to the San Siro stadium.

On the other hand, among all the questions that Lukaku received on social networks, he stopped to chat about his great present with Lautaro Martinez as Inter forwards. “Communication is key! We have a great feeling for each other but mainly we work hard for the team “explained the scorer justifying the great duo that makes up with the Argentine.

Inter escaped in the fight for the A league and, after the victory against Milan, they led four points behind their classic rival. This Sunday 28 will face Genoa with the need to add to continue stretching the difference with his maximum pursuers.


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