Ronaldo encountered a “tragic scenario” at the Cruzeiro and admitted that he has a clause to leave

Ronaldo spoke about the complex economic situation of the club he just bought (Photo: @Cruzeiro)
Ronaldo spoke about the complex economic situation of the club he just bought (Photo: @Cruzeiro)

Taking the reins of an economically sunk club is a brave decision for a Brazilian soccer icon like Ronaldo Nazario. One cruise established in the B seriesUrged on by debts and with the fans fed up with the situation, it can only be solved with a 360 ° turn by the leadership. Since the Phenomenon He came to power, made sensible decisions: he fired the coach and let the team’s idol goalkeeper go.

In their first press conference, the majority shareholder tried to summarize what they found with a harsh phrase. “Every day we open a drawer we find some negative surprise”, lament. And he added in this regard: “I would say that Cruzeiro is a serious patient in intensive care and we are offering the necessary treatment to get him out of that state. That we do everything possible to make it the great club it deserves and that it was for so long. ” To reinforce the concept, he left a forceful phrase: “Unfortunately, the scenario today is very complicated, with revenues for the next two years already anticipated, including those already spent. We found a really tragic scenario in the club, but we have to stop the bleeding”.

In addition, he recognized that in case of running out of energy during this adventure there is a clause to step aside in the reconstruction in which he owns 90% of the shares. “Technically, yes. In the contract there is a way out. But it is far from my head, from my thought of quitting the project. At this moment we are in the process of analyzing the club, understanding the size of the hole, the size of the debt, understanding the creditors ”, he revealed, although in his mind it is still a utopia to activate it.

The Phenomenon came face to face with journalists for the first time since he assumed power (Photo: @Cruzeiro)
The Phenomenon came face to face with journalists for the first time since he assumed power (Photo: @Cruzeiro)

On the other hand, he specified the debts that Cruzeiro must pay off in the short term to continue to exist. “Immediately, by the end of this month of January, we have the obligation to pay 23 million reais (4 million USD). And throughout this year the total amount rises to 140 million (25 million USD) ”, he commented.

In a sensitive context, he gave the details of the disaster that was encountered when looking at the treasury numbers for the first time: “As soon as we announced the purchase of the SAF, we began to delve into what the club’s budget was for the year. And the first thing I found was a budget of R $ 90 million, with an already made expenditure of approximately R $ 60 million. It really is a value that does not add up. I don’t understand how a club works with those numbers in my head ”.

To close, he did not want to forget about those who sacrificed part of their salary to improve the financial situation. “My special thanks to the athletes who agreed to renegotiate their contracts understanding the very serious situation of the club and decided to remain to achieve the highest goal. Today we managed to lower the budget to 35 million reais, almost three times less. But we still have a lot of work to do, a lot of cuts still to be made ”, he concluded.


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