Russia’s Corona Vaccine Sputnik V Against Questions, These Side Effects Appeared in Trial

Corona Vaccine: The whole world is still fighting a war against the Corona virus. For this, all countries are eagerly waiting for the Corona vaccine. Russia is at the forefront in this phase and everyone’s eyes are set on her corona vaccine Sputnik V, but, questions are being raised repeatedly on its trial. Sputnik V’s potential has once again begun to be questioned. Also Read – People are not cooperating, that’s why there are more deaths from Corona: Kiran Bedi

One in seven people show side effects of vaccine Also Read – Home Minister Amit Shah was discharged from AIIMS, admitted after health problems

In the third phase of the clinical trial of Sputnik V, people who are being vaccinated, one in every seven people are getting side effects, after which questions are being raised again. In this regard, Russia’s Health Minister has said that after applying the Sputnik V vaccine, one of the seven volunteers has complained of its side effects. Also Read – Rajya Sabha MP Ashok Gasti died of Corona virus, could not go to Parliament for a single day

According to the news agency Tas, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said that more than 300 of the 40,000 volunteers announced so far of Sputnik V have been vaccinated by Sputnik V. Let us know that Russia has developed the Sputnik V vaccine in collaboration with the Gamalaya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of Moscow.

Side effects will be seen, it was already told

In a statement to the Moscow Times, Health Minister Mikhail has said that about 14% of the volunteers who were given this corona vaccine have seen side effects. These side effects seen in volunteers include mild weakness, muscle pain for 24 hours and increase in body temperature etc. However, describing these symptoms as mild, he said that they also disappeared the next day.

According to TASS, these complaints about the Sputnik V vaccine are speculative and had already been told. It is expected that volunteers will be given a second dose within 21 days of the first dose.

Russia will also supply 100 million doses to India

Let us know that the clinical trial of the third phase of Sputnik V is currently underway and an agreement has been reached with Dr. Reddy Laboratories for its trial and distribution in India and the clinical trial of the final stage of this vaccine started in Moscow earlier this month. Have to be.

Recently, Russia’s Soviet Wealth Fund has entered into an agreement with Dr. Reddy Laboratories, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India, for cooperation and distribution of the Russian Kovid-19 vaccine Sputnik V in clinical trials in India. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said in a statement that RDIF will supply 100 million doses of the vaccine to Doctor Reddy on regulatory approval in India.