Rust dates its release for PS4 and Xbox One


Rust, the competitive multiplayer survival title that launched in Early Access in 2013 for PC officially arrives on PS4 and Xbox One (and therefore PS5 and Xbox Series X / S thanks to backward compatibility) on May 21, 2021.

The announcement has been made in conjunction with a new trailer and blog post from developer Double Eleven detailing the differences between the Rust Console Edition and the PC version of Facepunch Studios.

While Rust Console Edition is (obviously) based on the PC version, it has been redesigned and optimized to offer a different and unique experience on consoles.

Double Eleven has negotiated with Facepunch about it since 2016, with the idea of ​​creating this version for consoles; both studies knew that both games “would need to be set in separate universes since the PC edition can be expanded as much as you want and maintenance can continue while people keep updating their hardware, but the console one has limited resources and needs to be worked on. more detailed way. “

Performance has been “the biggest challenge” and Double Eleven have needed to “trim and rewrite most of the major Unity engine subsystems” to fit the standards.

Loading times were also a major problem; The team explained how it could take 45 minutes at first to read and decompress the procedural map and its add-ons into memory. Implementing a new detection system that would allow the loading of various scenes in Unity and asset packs simultaneously; the game now loads “in about a minute” all content.

The team has also decided to re-build some of the more advanced features once they had laid a solid foundation on which to make the changes they had in mind.

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This means that Rust in console edition will have its own upgrade roadmap that differs from that of the PC version and that “will offer an optimal experience for gamers as they gradually enter the deep world of the game and the content that they make. Rust an amazing experience. “

While Double Eleven is not yet ready to reveal the aforementioned “roadmap” for the game, the studio promises that we will see some of it closer to the release date in May.

In addition, we know that the game will come with “Deluxe” and Ultimate editions that include Beta access from this month of April, 3 days of early access and more.