Rust introduces a game mode “for casual players”


Facepunch Studios has added a new mode, called Softcore, to Rust. And according to its creators, it is aimed at a more casual player base.

“An important part of Rust has always been its tough and ruthless PvP. And it will continue to be.”reads the Facepunch Studio blog post about the new game mode. “But we realize that some players want a less brutal experience. Introducing Softcore mode, a new game mode in Rust, aimed at more casual players. Don’t worry, most of our servers will remain vanilla Rust (hardcore). . “.

When players die in this new mode, they can recover half of their inventory at the place of their death, or at a recovery terminal, which can be found in Bandit Town and the Outpost. Players can now spawn in those two locations at any time, as long as they are not marked as hostile, and can now only view the content of a wounded player. The maximum team size has also been changed to four to prevent large groups of players from terrorizing each other.

The update is now live, and this new mode can be found on 10 new servers that launched alongside it. Facepunch Studios says this is just the beginning of Softcore and that “It will continue on its way and improve in the future.”.

Rust Softcore Mode Reclaim

The move may have come about due to the recent major surge in Rust players, seven years after its initial release, after a group of high-profile streamers began playing together on a private server started by Offline TV. This led to new popularity for the already popular survival game and the game had more than 1.3 million concurrent viewers on Twitch in January and nearly 250,000 concurrent players, according to the blog post. While this new Softcore mode is aimed at “more casual players”, apparently it also works as an excellent mode for players new to the game.

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In other Rust news, we remind you that the ESRB recently rated the long-awaited console version of the game. In addition, in this article, we gave you 10 essential tips and tricks for newcomers to the game, casual or not.