Rust opens in 2022 recovering activity and promising a year full of content


Facepunch Studios hopes to keep pace with updates in 2021, and advance the first releases.

Rust fired a few days ago a 2021 where Facepunch Studios It took good note of the opportunity offered by players and content creators, releasing numerous updates at a rate that will continue in 2022. Or so those responsible have declared in a recent statement on Steam.

What can you expect for 2022? More of the same! And that includes guaranteed updates every first Thursday of the month, as well as occasional patches and holiday events, “says Facepunch Studios.” You can expect to see new weapons, deployable items, events, vehicles, animals and much more, “they add.


In January, yes, there are no notable changes. But for the near future at Facepunch Studios they already have some news to advance which, due to their theme, seems to be available before saying goodbye to winter. Thus, on the one hand we find a new artic monument, and on the other an animal: the polar bear. An update is promised in February aimed at improving the overall experience of the game.

Rust is presented in stores as a multiplayer survival video game without rules, in which it tells us what we have to do. “Prepare for challenging player versus player combat, raids and looting, or forge alliances with other players to overcome shared obstacles. Explore, fight and survive“, they describe.

Imagen de Rust

Although far from the January 2021 figures, Rust accumulates peaks with more than 150,000 players in the last month driven by the series of content creators and the content support of their managers. Rust is also one of the best examples of video games that have had a second life after their release.

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