Sachin Pilot said the changed seat in the assembly- ‘The opposition has been placed because the border …’

Rajasthan Political News: The political crisis in Rajasthan is over now. After all the ups and downs, the Rajasthan assembly session started from today. The seat of former Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has been changed in the assembly. On the first day of the assembly session, Sachin Pilot started his speech in the House saying, ‘I was placed with the opposition because the strongest warrior is sent to the border.’ Also Read – Rajasthan: BSP issued whip to defected MLAs, said- vote this party during floor test …

He said, ‘The seat where I used to sit earlier was safe. Then I wondered why I have been allotted a separate seat. I saw that it is a border – on one side there is the ruling party, on the other side there are the people of the opposition. He said who is sent to the border? I am here for the strongest warrior ..

Congress MLA Sachin Pilot further said, ‘I am or any friend of mine, we consulted’ Doctor ‘and all 125 of us are standing in the House today after’ Treatment ‘. This border may be bombed, but we will be shielded and keep it safe.

Pilot said, ‘What is being discussed today in this trust vote… Many things were said in this, many things will be spoken. Over time, everything will be revealed. ”He said,“ But I want to say that whatever I had to say, whether I am or any of my companions… we had to tell the doctor to whom we were Told you… after getting treatment, all of us today… one hundred and fifty people are standing in the house. When all of us have come to the house, we will have to pay attention to the reality today without moving away from what we hear.

Pilot said, ‘When we pledged yesterday we sat talking and all the things were over. When we have entered the house today, no matter how many firefights are on this border, all of us and I will protect it here by making armor and shield… mace and spear… I want to tell you. ‘

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