SAG-AFTRA Is Taking Steps To Sign Up More People Who Make Online Content


SAG-AFTRA Is Taking Steps To Sign Up More People Who Make Online Content:

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-AFTRA’s national executive director and top negotiator, tells the Washington Post that the group is trying to use the strike to get more online artists to join.

Crabtree-Ireland said that the move to draw creators is being done because of the walkout and possible future labor issues with tech companies like Apple and Amazon, which work in both traditional entertainment as well as the creator economy.

Neil Gaiman has been sporting a black T-shirt in one form or another almost each day for the past thirty-six years. Then, on a warm Tuesday within May, he made a big change to his clothes.

Mr. Gaiman Stated That He is Not The Part Of Picket Line He Is The Member Of WGA:

The best-selling author of “The Sandman” as well as “Coraline,” Mr. Gaiman, said from a picket line within New York that he was wearing a red T-shirt for the first time since 1987 because he was a member of the WGA. “I’m on strike.”

His tomato-red shirt, which had a picture of a raised hand holding a pencil, said within all capital letters as well as with a chosen swear word that it was time for the writers to put down their pens.

Hollywood actors and screenwriters have been on strike together for a week now, with no quick end in sight. On Friday, union leaders and star workers, including a number of comedians, tried to boost mood as the novelty of picket lines wore off.

“The momentum continues to be building,” said stand-up comedian, writer, as well as actor Marc Maron outside of Netflix’s offices. “I got a few of my comedy friends together, and we said, “Let’s go! Let’s make sure we’re there, and we stand up for our union.”

There are a lot of individuals here, and they’ll have to talk to each other at some point, right?” Maron was in the Netflix show “GLOW.” During the strike, Netflix’s offices in a hipper part of Hollywood have been a busy place, with music playing and food trucks selling ice cream, shaved ice, as well as churros.

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Creators could join SAG-AFTRA for the first time in 2021, when they signed what was known as the “influencer agreement.”

The union recently advised artists that they shouldn’t promote “struck” brands or material in their work. It also said that non-union leaders who work for a specific company during the strike will not be allowed to join the union afterward.

Why Are The Actors Walking Off The Job?

The stars are on strike because companies and streaming services couldn’t come to a deal with them on a three-year extension of their contracts for written TV and movies.

As union leaders talked with Hollywood companies and streaming services about a new contract, they asked members if they would support a possible strike. Most members said yes, so the union called a strike when the old contract ran out and talks fell down.

The union has said that the most important issues in this discussion, like artificial intelligence and getting paid for streaming, are so important to players that a work slowdown is needed to get the best deal.

The story in the WaPo showed It’s not clear yet how many influential people have joined the group. “To be successful to be a content creator, you need more talent and skill than ever,” Crabtree-Ireland said within an interview.

“It doesn’t matter if people are getting their information in old-fashioned ways or in younger ways; what matters is that special thing called creativity. Each has something unique to offer, whether it’s on YouTube, TikTok, Reels, or as a movie.

Nearly everywhere you look in New York and Los Angeles, you can find T-shirts that show support for creative workers’ unions.

Creative people and their friends within both cities are proud to show their support for the protests upon the train, in line at the food store, and in the coffee shop.

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What Do The Actor’s Strike And The Writer’s Strike Have In Common?

The group for Hollywood film and TV writers, the Writers Guild of America, is also on strike right now. Even though the actors union as well as the writers union have many different requests, some of them are the same. This is especially true when it involves AI as well as leftover payouts from streaming shows.

Hollywood is now in its “streaming age.” Almost every company has its own streaming service. Disney has Disney+, Universal has Peacock, etc., and sometimes the studio was a streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon, or Apple.

When it pertains to how artists are paid for movies and TV shows, streaming has changed long-standing business models. Streaming shows usually have less episodes and seasons, which saves money compared to the 22-episode seasons that used to be the rule on network TV.

Streaming services also have limits on payments that keep coming back. The union wants to get a cut of the money made by projects upon streaming services, alongside payments based on how many people watch them. However, companies are famously secretive about this kind of information.

Because Of The Ongoing Strike M any Shows Stopped Making New Episode:

Due to the current writers strike, many shows have already stopped making new episodes. This includes fan faves such as Stranger Things, Cobra Kai, as well as Yellowjackets. Because of the halt, fans of the shows they love will have to wait longer for new seasons.

Because of the two strikes, more work has stopped and production in Los Angeles is at its lowest level since the COVID-19 pandemic. Some streams might also start to delay shows if their stars don’t talk about them.

Total Of 160,000 People Are On Strike:

SAG-AFTRA is made up of 160,000 people who work in the media. Most of them are actors, but it also includes television writers, show hosts, puppeteers, stunt acts, voice-over artists, and various other entertainment workers.

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All of the actors and performers in the actors-performers group are on strike against the big Hollywood companies right now.

During The Strike, What Can’t Actors Do?

During the strike, there is no work at all, so SAG-AFTRA members can’t make movies or TV shows for big companies or streaming services.

It is also against the rules to promote finished projects, such as by going to the upcoming Venice as well as Toronto film festivals or taking part in the For Your Consideration activities throughout Emmy season.

When it looked like a strike was coming, the stars of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer left the London opening of the movie.

It’s also not okay to post about projects on social media to promote them. Work that doesn’t happen in front of the camera is also not allowed. This includes voice acting, commentary, background work, and stand-in work.

How Long Is This Going To Last?

Until an agreement is reached. It’s not clear how long this will take. Both the AMPTP as well as SAG have said that they have very different views on important topics, such as AI and streaming residuals. On the initial day of picketing, Drescher stated that the union looked at what it might cost to go on strike for up to six months.

Cox, who plays media mogul Logan Roy within “Succession,” replied, “I believe we are at the very tip of a horrible wedge,” meaning that artificial intelligence is shaking the roots of actors’ work.

“The wages are bad, but what’s even worse is the idea of AI as well as what it may do to us,” he said. “AI is a very, very important thing. And it’s the place where we’re weakest.”