SAG-AFTRA Will No Longer Approve Independent Projects Written Under The WGA Contract


SAG-AFTRA Will No Longer Approve Independent Projects Written Under The WGA Contract:

SAG-AFTRA said on Monday that it will no longer give interim deals to independent projects that were written under a Writers Guild of America contract.

The union has already said that 207 solo projects with stars such as Jason Bateman, Anne Hathaway, as well as Matthew McConaughey can keep filming during the strike.

SAG-AFTRA Said It Supported The Strike Because It Involved Independent Producers Who Agreed Alongside The Union’s Demands:

SAG-AFTRA said that the deals backed the strike because they were made with independent producers who agree to all of the union’s requests. But they triggered a lot of pushback in the union because some members thought they made the strike less effective as a whole.

Monday’s news was the first time the government gave in to the criticism. The union decided that it won’t sign off on projects written under a WGA contract that will be made in the U.S. in the future.

Source says that in the temporary deals, Jason Bateman, Anne Hathaway, as well as Matthew McConaughey were among the stars who were tied to movies.

Indie Projects Weren’t Connected To AMPTP Firms:

In a message to its members, SAG-AFTRA said that the waivers backed the strike after making sure that the independent projects were not connected to AMPTP companies.

The union said that the interim agreement was a “vital part of our strategic approach to these negotiations as well as to the strike” as well as that the “Interim Agreement is not a waiver.”

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To be clear, it is an agreement with all of the conditions for producers who want to hire our members for their own independent productions.”

“The WGA has told us that this change will help them carry out their strike strategy, so we don’t think it will hurt the effectiveness or utility of ours,” the guild said Monday. “Everyone wins with this change.”

Some Union Members Spoke Out Against The Approvals, Saying That They Took Away From The Effect Of The Strike:

This shows support for the WGA strike, which started on May 2. The rules of the WGA strike say that members can’t offer “writing services,” but that doesn’t mean that WGA-covered stories can’t be made into movies.

Some union members were against the decisions because they said they took away from the effect of the strike. SAG-AFTRA said that in the future, it will “exclude from Interim Agreements any WGA-covered project to be made in the USA.

The WGA has told us that this change will help them carry out their strike plan, and we don’t think it affects the usefulness and success of our plan. ” The group said it was “a win-win change.”

The 207 Projects That Were Previously Accepted Will Not Be Changed By The SAG-AFTRA Decision:

The vote by SAG-AFTRA will not change the 207 projects that were previously given the green light. To get a temporary deal from SAG-AFTRA, the producers have to demonstrate that they are not getting money from companies within the Alliance of Motion Picture as well as Television Producers.

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Before the strike starts on July 13, they additionally have to agree to the current terms suggested by SAG-AFTRA. In the end, the contracts will be changed to fit whatever deal the AMPTP makes with SAG-AFTRA.

Since the WGA strike started on May 2, many shows had to stop running, involving late-night talk shows as well as award shows.

For The Very First Time Since 1960, A Writer And An Actor Have Both Quit Their Jobs At The Exact Same Time:

On July 14, SAG-AFTRA, which is a union for actors, went on strike. Writers and actors then set up picket lines next to each other. This was the first time since 1960 that writers and actors both stopped performing at the same time.

Both the actors’ union and the writers’ union have asked streaming services for fair and equal residuals and for better protections against the employing of artificial intelligence.

These Deals Have Been Made With Over 200 Productions:

According to the union’s most recent list, these deals have been made with over 200 films so far. These include Paul Rudd as well as Jenna Ortega in A24’s Death of a Unicorn as well as Michaela Coel as well as Anne Hathaway in Mother Mary.

A deal has also been made for the faith-based show The Chosen, as well as for Kevin Costner’s The Gray House as well as Rebel Wilson’s Bride Hard.