Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Chapter 152 of the Japanese manga series Sakamoto Days was authored and illustrated through Yuto Suzuki. Fans are already speculating about potential future events, despite the fact that spoilers for the subsequent installment have not yet been made public.

Popular manga series Sakamoto Days was created and is illustrated through Yuto Suzuki. It chronicles the exploits of former assassin Taro Sakamoto, who abandoned his violent lifestyle in order to reside in harmony with his family.

Nonetheless, his previous actions come back to haunt him when his superior assigns him a fresh objective. His duty is to defend his daughter Aoi against a pack of merciless assailants intent on claiming her life.

Since November 2020, the manga has been published within Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, where it has garnered favourable reception from both critics and fans. It has gained notoriety for its suspenseful action sequences, witty dialogue, and bewildering plot developments. Additionally, an anime adaptation of the manga premiered in 2021.

We will provide comprehensive information regarding Sakamoto Days Chapter 152, such as its release date, raw scan release date, synopsis of previous chapter 168, plot points, and reading location.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Release Date:

At the moment, the chapters of this show are extremely popular among its audience. At this time, individuals are also curious as to when the subsequent installment of this delight will be published.

In general, every episode of Sakamoto Days was delivered precisely on schedule. Nevertheless, the anticipated release date for this chapter is January 28, 2024. Upon the chapter’s publication, it will be accessible to readers via the official website.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Storyline:

Chapter 152 of Sakamoto Days will provide additional information regarding Aoi’s astute scheme to influence the president as well as the general public by posing as an advocate for peace. In order to prevent the evil intended for his daughter, our protagonist Taro Sakamoto must employ his extraordinary combat prowess and clandestine weaponry.

Additional scenes of suspense will be included in this chapter, as Sakamoto confronts obstacles posed by Uzuki’s schemes and Nagumo’s conflict with Gaku. In addition to examining themes of love as well as self-worth, this chapter will witness Hyo’s endeavor to preserve Asaki’s life and Kumonami’s internal conflict regarding his emotions for Nagumo.

Where To Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 152?

Chapter 152 of Sakamoto Days will be accessible for reading on Manga Plus and Viz Media, the official digital platforms operated by Shueisha and Viz Media, respectively. By publishing manga chapters in a lawful and legitimate manner, these platforms provide assistance to the industry and its creators.

Additionally, they furnish translations and scans of superior quality, as well as update the chapters simultaneously with Japan. Additionally, they provide complimentary access to the three most recent chapters of the manga series; older chapters require a subscription or membership.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Recap:

Aoi disclosed her true intentions to the president as well as the general public in the preceding chapter of Sakamoto Days, stating that she was a peace activist who wished to put an end to global violence and war.

Furthermore, she declared possession of a bomb with the potential to obliterate the entire city and threatened to detonate it if the president failed to acquiesce to her demands. She subsequently manipulated the president as well as the public into believing her lies while backing her cause by utilizing her mind-control abilities.

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In the interim, Sakamoto as well as his allies endeavored to thwart Aoi’s scheme and liberate his daughter from her grasp. Sakamoto utilized his covert weapon, a rocket launcher, to breach the security guards and ascend to Aoi’s rooftop.

Subsequently, he confronted Aoi and endeavored to reason alongside her, conveying his affection for her and expressing his desire for her to return to him. However, Aoi disregarded his counsel and launched a psychic assault against him, causing him to sustain severe injuries.

Conversely, Uzuki, with whom Aoi was collaborating, disclosed his own scheme to betray her as well as seize control of the globe. He assumed control of the bomb as well as the broadcast system using his hacking prowess and declared himself to be the real genius behind everything. His threat was to detonate the bomb in the absence of compliance from the president as well as the general public with his directives.

In the interim, Nagumo and Gaku engaged in a heated battle in which they traded blows and insults. Nagumo gained the upper hand through his martial arts prowess and concealed blade, whereas Gaku countered him with his brutish strength and metal arm.

The confrontation reached its pinnacle when Nagumo fatally stabbed Gaku within the chest. Gaku, on the other hand, disclosed that he was equipped with a bomb and that it would detonate in tandem with Nagumo.

Hyo and Asaki, meanwhile, were confined within a room filled with lethal gas and were suffocating to death gradually. Asaki declined to accept Hyo’s oxygen mask in an attempt to save his life, telling him to preserve himself instead. After confessing his love for Asaki, Hyo proceeded to kiss her in an attempt to supply her with his oxygen.

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Kumonami, who was in the interim observing the broadcast, discerned that Nagumo was within peril and resolved to assist him. Moreover, he came to the realization that he harbored affection for Nagumo and desired to shield him. He then hurried to the location in an attempt to locate him prior to the passage of time.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Raw Scan Release Date:

Official manga sites such as Shueisha’s Manga Plus as well as Viz Media will have a spoiler and raw scan for Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 on January 25, 2024. The raw scan and spoiler can be obtained upon the exact same day.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Trailer Release:

What Are The Rating For Sakamoto Days Chapter 152?

The reader will be upon the edge of their chairs throughout Chapter 152 of Sakamoto Days, which is certain to be an exciting and emotional one. In addition to action, comedy, drama, romance, and suspense, it will conclude the current arc in a way that is both satisfying and memorable.

Additionally, it will leave the audience wanting more and curious about the progression of the narrative. 8.05/10 was the rating for the manga on MyAnimeList.