Satellites Take Pictures Of The Fire At The Burning Man Festival From Space


Satellites Take Pictures Of The Fire At The Burning Man Festival From Space:

Due to an early-season storm moving into California and Nevada, the annual Burning Man event is expected to have below-normal temperatures, high winds, as well as light rain over the weekend.

Satellites watched to be a temporary city grew in the Nevada desert, where the famous Burning Man “radical self-expression” event started on Monday.

One ship even saw some kind of fire upon the city’s main center, but it wasn’t the big fire that will end the Burning Man event next week.

Maxar Technologies Satellites Took Pictures Of Black Rock City During The Exact Same Day:

Maxar Technologies, a U.S. Earth-observation business, used satellites to take pictures of Black Rock City during the day. The pictures showed a circle footprint that looked like an old Greek theatre.

Within the middle of the city there’s a round square ringed by “streets” made up of a number of circular rings where cars are stopped and tents are set up. Burning Man started on August 27 within Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and ended on September 4.

On Wednesday, the fair was in full swing. Art cars and motorbikes with decorations were driving around the Playa in the hot weather. On Wednesday, the high was expected to reach the middle 80s in the afternoon.

The Weather Isn’t Very Cold, But It’s Colder Than Usual For This Period Of Year In The Area:

It won’t be this hot for long. From Friday to Monday, highs in the afternoon are expected to be within the 70s. On the weekend, low temperatures at night are predicted to be within the 40s and 50s.

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Even though it’s not very cold, these temps are below average for this time of year in this area. “It is certain to be sweater weather for the burners out there,” stated Amanda Young, a meteorologist for the weather service.

Thursday and Friday are expected to have a lot of wind. Dustin Norman, a weather service forecaster, said that the winds will be the strongest Thursday afternoon as well as evening, alongside steady winds of 20 mph and occasional gusts of 30 to 35 mph.

The Same Day, The Earth Observation Satellite Sentinel-2 Passed Above The City:

On the same day, the European Earth-observation satellite Sentinel-2 passed above the city and saw a fire in the middle of the main center.

The Burning Man festival is named after a figure that is burned in a ceremony at the conclusion of the festival upon the night before Labor Day, which this year is on Sept. 4. Because of this, the fire that the Sentinel-2 camera saw couldn’t be that large yet.

All of this and much more happens at Burning Man, a yearly event where about 80,000 people build a temporary city within the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Burning Man has been going on since 1986. This year, it starts upon Sunday, August 27, as well as lasts until Monday, September 4.

Recent Events Like Tropical Storm Hilary Have Had An Effect On Burning Man:

Some plans are being made on-site for this year’s event, even though Black Rock Desert has been hit by high winds, rain, and even floods.

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Early Burners couldn’t get to the site for two days so the playa could dry out. Organizers said upon social media Monday that “large parts of the playa remain covered in standing water as well as damp as well as impassable.”

“At those wind speeds, depending upon how dry the playa is, it’s usually enough to blow some dust into the area,” stated Norman. “On Friday, much of the stronger wind will be to the south of the Black Rock Desert.”

According To The Weather Service, There’s A Chance Of Light Rain From Thursday Through Monday:

From Thursday to Monday, there is a chance of light rain. The Black Rock Desert could get up to two-tenths of an inch of rain over the course of four days, according to the weather service.

The chance of rain on Thursday night is very low, with approximately a 10% chance. Rain is most likely to fall on Friday, with a 15% to 20% chance within the morning as well as a 30% to 40% chance in the afternoon.

It looks like Friday will have the best chance of rain. If it rains, it might stop some of the dust from blowing around, Young said. “There might be a few blowing mud, in fact.”

On Friday, There’s Also A 25% Chance Of Rain:

There is also a 25% chance of rain on Friday afternoon. “Thunderstorms are the biggest danger this weekend, and they are most likely to happen on Friday,” said Norman.

Work on the event’s famous “temple” building, which this year was dubbed “The Temple of the Heart,” was further slowed down by the weather.

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People who helped build it wrote on Instagram that muddy conditions slowed down the building process and put it behind schedule.

Festival Organizers Told People To Expect Rain And Strong Winds:

Festival organizers told people to expect rain and strong winds. Festival organizers said in a statement, “Participants are encouraged to lock down their camps if there are strong winds, to make sure valuables are safe and won’t blow away, as well as help their neighbors.”

If it rains, officials told people not to drive or ride their bikes, and not to use “generators as well as other electrically powered tools that are standing within water.”