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Scandal and rudeness in the Dakar Rally: after an argument he left his co-driver in the middle of the road

Ricardo Ramilo and Xavier Blanco.
Ricardo Ramilo and Xavier Blanco.

He Rally Dakar it is a factory of anecdotes. Hundreds of stories were written in his 43 years. Some emotional for survival, help between the participants and everything that is done to reach the goal. That is the victory of many who are amateurs, as is the case with entrepreneurs. Ricardo Ramilo and Xavier Blanco. The Spanish duo today was the protagonist of an unusual episode where, after an argument, the co-pilot got off the UTV and did not want to get on again. The pilot did not have much trouble and left him stranded in the middle of the road.

This edition is run in Saudi Arabia. It was at kilometer 170 of the eleventh and penultimate stage (the longest of the special stage, 511 km) that Al-Ula joined Yanbu, when Ramilo stopped Can-Am Maverick X3 number 438. But it was not due to a mechanical failure. He disagreed with Blanco, who got out. “Left me there his attitude speaks for itself. You don’t even have to call him a pilot, he’s not a pilot, he’s a character”, Fired the copilot in dialogue with Brand.

The relationship between the two was no longer good in recent days and today it exploded. “This man, apart from making life impossible for the team, inside the car his attitude was not good, until he had already reached a limit situation. I told him to stop the car, I got out and that’s when he told me ‘there you stay’ and continued ”, declared Blanco.

Although Ramilo redoubled the bet and blamed him for his abandonment. “I was left stranded, I had to continue without a telephone charging cable, without the satellite phone, without the cardboard to seal at the checkpoints and without being able to run because at the next checkpoint I found out that I couldn’t run alone. He left me, it’s the other way around”, He wielded.

The full team, when there was harmony ...
The full team, when there was harmony …

Ramilo made his debut at the Dakar Rally this year and chose Blanco for his experience of three participations. Being able to “turn around”, as it is known in the Dakar jargon when arriving, was his great goal and more so for a rookie. However, already on Tuesday he knew that he was not going to get it because they deserted because they punctured three tires and they ran out of spare parts. In this case, to add experience, the organization allowed them to continue with the “Dakar Experience” modality, which is the possibility of knowing the route and adding kilometers.

The Side by Side category is an alternative for amateur runners. There, sandbox type vehicles such as buggies and UTV compete. It is the divisional that allows those who have a low budget to run. Ramilo is an entrepreneur in the tire industry and a Dakar Rally enthusiast. At 56, he wanted to indulge, although the experience did not end well.

What happened had a less serious precedent in terms of the attitude of the pilot. It should be remembered that in 2012 the Argentine Orlando Terranova ran out of navigator, because the American Andy Grider alluded to family problems. A few hours later, photos of him appeared with some friends in Chile …

Today was an unusual and even unprecedented event, because leaving a colleague in the middle of the road breaks the codes of the race. Even the same competitors often help their colleagues when they see one who is stopped with his vehicle. It remains to be seen what are the measures taken by ASO, the French company that organizes the event that, like every year, delivers unique stories.

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