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Scandal in France: a group of ultras set fire to the surroundings of the Marseille training center and tried to enter the premises by force

A group of ultras try to break into the Marseille training center

The Marsella Olympic He is living his most critical hours after the defeat against Monaco by 3-1. The team of Andre Villas-Boas cannot raise his head at the sports level, occupying sixth place in Ligue 1, and with serious leadership problems.

Within hours of playing the duel against Rennes for the 21st date of the local championship, the ultras decided attack the training center facilities of the French team, its main objective being the resignation of President Jacques-Henri Eyraud and his executive committee.

In the images you could see an incredible fire, caused by the burning of the trees around the La Commanderie complex at the same time, Some videos were viralized in which this group of fans wanted to forcibly enter the venue.

A banner hung against the club's president, Jacques-Henry Eyraud, which reads "JHE: Marseille vomits you" (AFP)
A banner hung against the club’s president, Jacques-Henry Eyraud, which reads “JHE: Marseille vomits you” (AFP)

The duel that Olympique de Marseille will play today against Rennes is key in the future of the institution, since in the case of falling, the locals could say goodbye to the possibilities of playing the next edition of the Champions League.

After a solid start to the season, Marseille have fallen to sixth place in the French league table. The team is 13 points behind PSG, in second place, and a direct ticket to the Champions League.

In turn, we must also add the latest statements from the 43-year-old coach, who decided not to renew his contract when it ends in June: Sure, yeah, I think so. Given the position we are in, that is very normal “. “He opposes everything that managers say, but it will be the end,” he added.

Villas-Boas does not aspire to continue at Marseille after this season (EFE)
Villas-Boas does not aspire to continue at Marseille after this season (EFE)

The Portuguese led Marseille to finish last season in second place of the French league in his first year on the bench, but now he does not expect to be offered a new contract given the current situation.

“I don’t think it’s possible. Look, we are a huge distance from the podium (the first three positions of the table). I will not dispute it. Next season will be a year zero for the club, a total renewal. It is good to create solid foundations for the future ”, he declared.

Until now, Lyon lead the domestic championship one point ahead of PSG, with 45. Below is Lille, with the same number of units as the Parisian box.


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