Scandal in rugby: the unsportsmanlike attitude of an English player against Los Pumas 7s that generated outrage in an entire stadium

The unsportsmanlike attitude of an England player against the Pumas in the Toulouse Seven

Although the rugby is seen as an extremely physical sport that is played with a higher degree of violence than other team disciplines, it is also true that it is an environment where rules and values ​​are respected. That is why a play of the match they played Cougars 7s against the England team in the World Series of Rugby Sevens generated a lot of indignation in those present at the Ernest Wallon Stadium from Toulouse (France).

It all started when Will Homerone of the English players, managed to break the defensive block of the Albiceleste and ran alone to score a try but decided not to support. There were almost three minutes left to finish the game and the team led by Santiago Gomez Cora was winning by 19-0 when Homer decided to stand under the H.

The murmur of the public did not wait. Some didn’t understand why the 26-year-old scrum-half didn’t want to score but there was an explanation behind it. Right now, Argentina, England and Canada tied for first place with seven points and the two accesses to the quarterfinals were going to be defined by goal difference. The Cougars were +50, while Canada had +14 e England was very close with +11.

And Will Homer grounded the ball and then his team scored the conversion, they went on to have +18. But there were still several minutes of play to resume and they were going to run the risk of being scored on them, so he decided to let the clock run and reduce that margin of error.

Will Homer, an England player, decided not to ground the ball to let time run out in the game against Los Pumas.
Will Homer, an England player, decided not to ground the ball to let time run out in the game against Los Pumas.

Finlay BrownScottish match referee, insisted on the English player to sign his conquest and that the game can be resumed, as he also urged some of the members of The Cougars for them to come down to defend him, although the Argentines waited in the middle of the field to then make the exit.

It all ended when there were only 20 seconds for the closing of the match. Homer finally scored the try and his partner Tom Emery took care of the conversion. The match ended with a win for The Cougars for 19-7 that allowed England reach a difference of +18 to overcome the Canada and leave him eliminated from the tournament. Although technically no rule was broken, it was an action that could be considered unsportsmanlike.

The truth is that both teams advanced to the next round. England will play against Samoa; while the Argentina have to play against Irelandwho finished second in a Group D where surprisingly it was eliminated South Africa. In it World Sevens Tourthe pupils of Gomez Cora are in second place with 105 pointssix of the Springbokswho are leaders. The next contest will be held on May 28 and 29 in London.


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