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Scandal in Spain: they were forced to play in the middle of a storm and ended up pushing cars stuck in the snow


There are several football teams that were affected by the consequences of the storm Filomena, especially in the Spanish capital of Madrid, one of the hardest hit areas.

“They forced us to take off at a frozen airport. They have to think that footballers are human beings, not a show. We have come to the stadium with the road full of snow. You have to look out for people’s safety. We also have families ”, denounced the Real Madrid goalkeeper Tibauth Courtois after the 0-0 draw against Osasuna in Pamplona.

These statements were now added the complaints of the Getafe footballers, who had to travel from Madrid to Elche to play against the city’s team on Sunday and who They couldn’t do it because of bad weather conditions.

Players like Portillo, Cabaco, Olivera, Cucho Hernández and Captain Djené Dakoman shared some images on their social networks that gave something to talk about in the old continent after shown unclogging stranded cars in the middle of the snow.

“Trying to reach concentration to play”wrote the Spanish defender Mathias Olivera In an Instagram story in which it was seen how the vehicles sent by La Liga were pushed to facilitate their travel to a hotel near the Barajas airport, from where they set out to play the game rescheduled for this Monday.

“We fix ourselves and tomorrow we play”, Erick Cabaco ironized at the same time that he shared another video in which the captain seemed Djené Dakoman Ortega shoveling snow off the road: “Good cap”, he posted with some laughing emojis.

Finally, this morning, the Spanish striker Jaime Mata shared with his followers a story in which they were already inside the plane, which it was being thawed and readied before departing.

Zidane complained about the weather conditions after the draw against Osasuna (Efe)
Zidane complained about the weather conditions after the draw against Osasuna (Efe)

“We don’t have anything to travel with. If it is ten degrees below zero tonight, even tomorrow there are no flights. We haven’t trained for three days. You have to make a decision. It cannot be forced. What needs to be suspended will have to be suspended. I have no interest in having it suspended, but we cannot risk our lives “, considered Getafe president Ángel Torres in a conversation with Cadena Cope before knowing the decision made by the Spanish entity.

This situation also came after Zinedine Zidane’s public complaints, who raised his voice after the duel against Osasuna: “We played the game because they told us to play it, but in the end in this condition we have seen what we have seen. It was not a football game. We play and that’s it. We do not know now what we are going to do: if we stay here, we do not know if we are going to travel tomorrow or Monday. What we have to think about is recovering and thinking about Wednesday’s game. “


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