Scandal in the Premier League with the use of VAR in a controversial action: “It was a horrendous decision”

Controversy with the VAR in the Premier League

The duel for the twenty-sixth date of the Premier League between the West Bromwich Albion and the Brighton stole all eyes after having become the scene of a controversial action in which the referee, the VAR and the captain of The Seagulls, Lewis Dunk, were the protagonists.

The game started downhill for the visitors, who started losing 1-0 at 11 minutes into the first half. A score that remained until the end if the referee had not intervened and the technology in that play.

After the game, Dunk berated Lee Mason’s homework and shot: “A horrendous decision”. With the defeat Brighton fell to the edge of the relegation zone.

The captain of the visiting team complained about the episode in question (AFP)
The captain of the visiting team complained about the episode in question (AFP)

The action in question occurred during a free kick in favor of the visitors who were already losing 1-0. Lewis dunk quickly kicked a free kick from the edge of the area after Mason blew the whistle to start the play. Nevertheless, Mason whistled again as the ball crossed the goal line after he observed that West Brom goalkeeper Sam Johnstone was still setting up his barrier.

In the first instance, Mason did not concede the goal and then reversed his decision. The players cheered again, but yet seconds later chaos ensued – footballers from both teams surrounded the referee. Mason appealed to the VAR and, after a long delay, canceled the conversion again.

“It’s shameful, it’s a horrendous decision”, assured the footballer in question at the end of the game and added: “I told the referee, ‘Can I collect it?’ The whistle sounded and I charged it ”.

“Why don’t you come talk to the press? They never hide behind their bubble, the defender lashed out and concluded: “I don’t think he knew what he was doing. He scored the goal. I don’t know why the VAR was getting involved ”.

The referee annulled, validated and annulled the equalizer again (Reuters)
The referee annulled, validated and annulled the equalizer again (Reuters)

Both teams appeared at the meeting with the obligation to win and avoid problems in the lower area of ​​the table. With the victory, the locals were able to add three but are still next to the last nine points from relegation. The visitors, meanwhile, were left with 26 units in the sixteenth position.

The next day both teams will play at home. The team of West Bromwich will do it against Newcastle United, while Brighton and Hove Albion se enfrentará a Leicester City.


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