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Scandals, luxuries, eccentricities and historic fights: this is how McGregor built his character as the top star of the UFC

Conor McGregor and the UFC, an endless romance
Conor McGregor and the UFC, an endless romance

Conor McGregor stands for UFC, the most prestigious mixed martial arts competition in the world. The Irishman earned this place not only for his achievements on a sporting level but also for his personality outside the Octagon. A cocktail of media situations that They earned him world recognition and that arouse love and hatred among the fans.

Although after eight years in the company he continues to show that inside the cage he is a feared fighter, the character came before the athlete and that is why, despite the numerous scandals that he starred in, their presentations are still the most resonant in the company, which ensures a great source of income with your name on the billboard.

This Saturday The Notorious will see action again against American Dustin Poirier after a year of inactivity and three unsuccessful withdrawal attempts, and that’s why Infobae collected the most resonant troubled episodes in his career, as well as his eccentricities and his most prominent confrontations.

Conor McGregor became one of the most famous personalities in the world (Photo: EFE)
Conor McGregor became one of the most famous personalities in the world (Photo: EFE)


Conor McGregor achieved glory in 2016, after becoming the first fighter in UFC history to be champion of two different categories simultaneously after beating Eddie Alvarez and winning the lightweight belt. A year earlier he had done the same against Chad Mendes, conquering the featherweight. However, from there his media life began to take on greater significance.

April 2017: The Irishman traveled to Liverpool to witness The Grand National (the most important equestrian obstacle course in the United Kingdom). Along with two other friends, the Irishman stayed at the Hilton Hotel, where he left the room practically destroyed in just five days of stay. The images of how the place was left traveled the world.

November 2017: McGregor was already giving something to talk about by appearing at an event for Bellator, an American company that competes against the UFC for prestige. The Irishman attended the evening 187 to support his partner Charlie Ward and, far from going unnoticed, he became the center of attention when entering the cage in the middle of combat. While the security personnel tried to remove him, the fighter aggressively rebuked the referee.

December 2017: The fighter returned to the headlines of the sports media after local newspapers assured that his life was in danger after having starred in a fight in a bar with one of the members of the most dangerous mafia in Dublin: the Kinahans. “Come get me,” commented the Irish star upon hearing the information.

Mcgregor was involved in different scandals throughout his career in the UFC (AFP)
Mcgregor was involved in different scandals throughout his career in the UFC (AFP)

April 2018: His last fight had been in 2016, after beating Eddie Alvarez, keeping the lightweight belt and unifying it with the featherweight belt he had won a year earlier. Two years had passed and he did not get back into an octagon so the president of the company, Dana White, decided to take that title away from him and leave it vacant. Subsequently, a fight was organized between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Al Iaquinta for said belt and it was during a previous press conference of the Russian in which McGregor broke in with a dozen men and armed a pitched battle in the parking lot of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn that brought serious consequences.

October 2018: Finally, the long-awaited fight between McGregor and Khabib (who had won the lightweight title after beating Al Iaquinta) took place. The Russian retained the belt by beating him, but the highlight was the pitched battle that ensued after the defeat, in which several protagonists climbed into the Octagon to attack both fighters.

February 2019: This year was one of the most intense for Conor McGregor when it comes to media scandals. In early 2019, a young woman named Terri Murray demanded a DNA test to recognize the paternity of little Clodagh. According to information provided by the Irish newspaper Irish Mirror, the fighter and the woman had been together in 2017 during their time in Liverpool. Finally the result was negative.

March 2019: Away from the Octagon since his loss to Khabib, Conor McGregor was denounced and investigated for sexual assault in Europe. As indicated The New York Times, the woman pointed out that the event had happened at the Beacon Hotel, in Dublin.

August 2019: On this occasion, the Irishman’s name emerged after images of him hitting an older man for not accepting a glass of his own whiskey brand were released. In November, McGregor accepted his guilt and paid a financial fine.

Conor McGregor has several complaints against him (Reuters)
Conor McGregor has several complaints against him (Reuters)

October 2019: The Irishman was the subject of a new investigation for sexual assault, on that occasion, against a woman outside a Dublin pub. Consulted by TimesMcGregor’s representatives stated that their client is “frequently the subject of rumors” and that, “he denies any report that accuses him of sexual assault.”

February 2020: McGregor returned to the center of attention after an intimate video of him with a woman who was not his wife went viral. After beating Donald Cerrone in what was his last UFC performance (until today), the Irishman did not speak publicly and the video was removed from the Internet.

January 2021: In the run-up to his fight against Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor was again involved in an extra-sports problem. The 32-year-old fighter faces a legal battle after two women accused him of assault and personal injury.

Mcgregor is in the top 100 of the famous best payments of 2020
Mcgregor is in the top 100 of the famous best payments of 2020


Conor McGregor’s jump on the economic level without a doubt it happened after the historic “Fight of the Century” starring with Floyd Mayweather inside a boxing ring. Just by getting in the ring, he pocketed more than $ 75 million; That, plus the proceeds from each presentation he made in the UFC stars, reach an incalculable heritage. Without going further, in his last appearance inside the octagon against donald Cowboy Cerrone it raised about $ 50 million.

Yachts worth more than 3 million dollars, a collection of countless luxury cars (including 5 BMW, 5 Lamborghini and 3 Roll Royce), diamond encrusted watches, suits exclusively designed for him, one of the most sumptuous mansions in Marbella, residencies in New York and Ireland … Conor McGregor spares no expense and constantly proves it on his social networks. The fighter rose to fourth place on the list of highest paid athletes in 2018 only behind Floyd Mayweather, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the prestigious magazine Forbes. Even in the recent 2020 he ranked 53 among the highest paid celebrities in the world, a section that Kylie Jenner leads by pocketing 590 million dollars.

Conor McGregor’s best fights


Not everything happens outside the cage: Conor McGregor starred in great fights throughout his almost eight years in the world’s top mixed martial arts company. To put a starting point in your chronology of successes you have to place yourself in the April 6, 2013, when debuted in the octagon of the UFC with a knockout win over Marcus Brimage in the first round of the UFC ON FUEL TV 9 preliminary card. That night he got a bonus for being the best knockout of the day.

Before Diego Brandao, on July 19, 2014, the Irishman topped the billboard of an evening for the first time. That night, just like his debut, He also beat the Brazilian by knockout in the first round of UFC 46.

One year later, July 11, 2015, made the leap by obtaining his first interim featherweight belt with a KO in the second round off Chad Mendes at UFC 189. Title that was revalidated just five months later at star in the fastest ending in the history of a UFC championship after knocking out José Aldo in 13 seconds at UFC 194.

Later, they arrived two historic fights against Nate Díaz. While in the first (March 5, 2016) lost by submission in the second round, in the rematch (August 20, 2016) was left with the win by decision. His rivalry with Díaz persists to this day inclusive. Since then, speculation continues with a new confrontation to break the record. The titles were not at stake as they were featured in the welterweight division.

The night of November 12, 2016 was key in his career since there made history by winning his second title simultaneously and unify it with the one you already had. The featherweight was added by the lightweight after beat Eddie Alvarez by technical knockout in the second round of UFC 205.

In 2017 McGregor became the hub of sports news, not for his performance within mixed martial arts but for his arrival in the world of boxing. It was in that year when he played the “Fight of the Century” vs. Floyd Mayweather August 26. On that evening, which took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, lost by technical knockout in the 10th round. A fight that marked a before and after in his career.

Finally, we must refer to his last two presentations in the UFC. In the first of them (October 6, 2018) The Notorious returned after two years of absences to recover the lightweight belt that the company had taken from him for not defending it. However, Khabib Nurmagomedov, interim owner of the belt submitted it in the fourth round. In the second (January 18, 2020), the Irishman claimed al vencer a Donald Cowboy Cerrone with a knockout in 40 seconds.


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