Scarlet Witch and Vision: All the actors, actresses, cameos and celebrities who have appeared in the series


As we did with The Mandalorian, we wanted to make a compilation for all actors, actresses, cameos and celebrities from Scarlet Witch and Vision. All the characters that have appeared so far in this first season of the Disney + series. Who are they and by whom are they played? What details and curiosities can we find? We tell you everything.

All Scarlet Witch and Vision characters featured so far

Obviously, This article includes spoilers for the first season of the series and it may be more than one surprise, so we do not recommend that you read it unless you have finished watching all the episodes of the series so far.

Here you have the list of all the characters from Scarlet Witch and Vision with all the actors and actresses who have played them.

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen has already played the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, in case anyone is wondering, her last name is no accident: she is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the twins known as Olsen sisters. He is the central character of the plot and all the questions gather around him, due to his powers and the decisions he decides to make. Around them there are already multiple theories and possible explanations.

Paul Bettany is Vision

Like Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany repeats the same role in the series as in the MCU. With him we share the first doubts about the world that the series raises and generates a few other questions around it. As a curiosity, he commented before the final episode aired that there was going to be a cameo by someone he admired a lot … and we ended up finding out that he was referring to himself.

Baylen Bielitz and Gavin Borders as Billy and Tommy (five years)

Baylen Bielitz and Gavin Borders play Billy and Tommy on the five-year stage, the first time that the characters of Wanda and Vision’s children have weight in the plot.

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Julian Hilliard and Jett Flyen as Billy and Tommy (ten years old)

When they are older, the children of the two protagonists are played by Julian Hilliard and Jett Flyen. Of the two, it is little Hilliard who has had a more remarkable previous career, participating in films such as The Conjuring 3 or in the series The Curse of Hill House.

Evan Peters es Quicksilver

One of the biggest surprises in the entire series is the sudden appearance of Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff, Wanda’s brother. And it is because this actor already played Quicksilver before, but in the X-Men universe that is not related to the UCM at hand. This has fueled a ton of theories about possible Marvel multiverses and their impact on the future.

Kathryn Hahn es Agnes / Agatha Harkness

Another of the biggest surprises of the series has to do with the character played by Kathryn Hahn, who in episode 7 is discovered as the powerful witch Agatha Harkness and not as the innocent neighbor Agnes. In the comics he is a character who teaches Wanda the magical arts but here he works as an antagonist.

Teyonah Parris es Monica Rambeau

Teyonah Parris first joins the MCU as the adult Monica Rambeau, who we see as a child in the Captain Marvel movie (set in the 90s). She is the daughter of the pilot Maria Rambeau. As we are told in Episode 4, Monica is one of the humans who disappeared with Thanos’ finger snap and returned five years later. Oh, and he also got super powers.

Lashana Lynch and Brie Larson as Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers

Both Lashana Lynch and Brie Larson have a small cameo in Episode 4, reminding us of a little dialogue taken from the movie Captain Marvel.

Joshua Stamberg es Tyler Hayward

Another who makes his MCU debut is Joshua Stamberg, playing Tyler Hayward, director of SWORD who replaces Maria Rambeau after her death.

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Kat Dennings it Darcy Lewis

Actress Kat Dennings returns to the series to reprise her role as Dr. Darcy Lewis, after seeing her for the last time in Thor: The Dark World.

Randall Park es Jimmy Woo

Actor Randall Park is also one of the known comebacks to reprise his role as FBI agent Jimmy Woo, whose last appearance was in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Fred Melamed is Arthur Hart

Fred Melamed plays Arthur Hart, the grumpy CSI boss and main antagonist (sort of) from the show’s first episode. Hart’s true identity is Todd Davis.

Debra Jo Rupp is Mrs. Hart

Debra Jo Rupp, who you will know from her appearances on shows like That ’70s Show or Friends, plays Mrs. Hart in Scarlet Witch and Vision. It appears in the first episode with a certain prominence and then we will see it in several later chapters.

Asif Ali es Norm

Mollywood star Asif Ali plays Norm on the series. He’s one of Vision’s co-workers at the beginning and then he’s one of the neighborhood watch members.

David Lengel es Phil Jones

Like Norm, David Lengel plays Phil Jones, who starts out as one of Vision’s co-workers and later becomes part of the neighborhood group.

Emma Caulfield Ford es Dottie Jones

Emma Caulfield Ford, who many will remember for her role as Anya Jenkins in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Susan Keats in Beverly Hills, plays Dottie Jones. Some fans have wondered if it is Arcanna Jones, the witch of the Justice League, but it seems that it is not and it is just another resident trapped in Westview.

Jolene Purdy es Beverly

Jolene Purdy, known for the series Orange is the new black, plays Beverly, one of Wanda and Vision’s neighbors.

Amos Glick as Dennis

Amos Glick is the actor who plays Dennis, the postman. He is a more mysterious character than he appears, as his work seems to suggest that he brings messages from the outside world.

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David Payton es Herb

David Payton plays Herb, another of Westview’s neighbors. In episode 3 he appears to be spying on Wanda and talking to Agnes, which is suspicious.

Zac Henry es Franklin

Zac Henry, who has worked as a stuntman on several Marvel movies, plays SWORD’s agent named Franklin. Curiously, he is in charge of performing a dangerous maneuver when they try to get him into Westview.

Randy Oglesby es Stan Nielsen

Randy Oglesby, an actor who has appeared in mythical films such as Pearl Harbor or Independence Day, plays Dr. Stan Nielsen. Interestingly, the character is continually shown trying to leave Westview on vacation, but obviously can’t. His wife is played by actress Rose Bianco.

Ithamar Enriquez and Victoria Blade interpret the television commercials

Most episodes of Scarlet Witch and Vision feature “in-house” product advertisements that are always advertised by two unnamed actors in the series. Both are played by Ithamar Enriquez and Victoria Blade. Some theories speak that they are, in fact, a recreation of Wanda’s parents, Oleg and Iryna, who were killed by a missile in Sokovia (although this makes no sense when they meet the Maximoffs in episode 8).

Daniyar Aynitdinov e Ilana Kohanchi son Oleg e Iryna

And speaking of which, Wanda and Pietro’s parents appear as children in a flashback to episode 8 and are played by Daniyar Aynitdinov and Ilana Kohanchi. Young versions of Wanda (Sophia Gaidarova) and Pietro (Joshua Begelman) also appear. Michaela Russel and Gabriel Gurevich also appear in episode 6 as younger Wanda and Pietro, but in a much more humorous context.

Kate Forbes es Evanora Harkness

Kate Forbes plays Agatha’s mother, Evanora Harkness. This witch was the leader of a coven who tried to expel her daughter for taking an interest in forbidden magic.

And these are, for the moment, all the characters from Scarlet Witch and Vision with all the actors and actresses that bring them to life in the Disney + series. Any unexpected surprises?