Scarlet Witch and Vision: Deleted a scene from Mr. Scratchy


Attention: SPOILERS

In this article you will see plot information about the last episode of Scarlet Witch and Vision. If you have not seen or finished the series yet, we recommend you come back later.

Last week the series of Scarlet Witch and Vision, and we could see how both Scarlet Witch and Vision could fit into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On Sunday, series director Matt Shakman appeared on Kevin Smith’s podcast: Fatman Beyond and had a conversation about how the series has been changing during the post-production process, explaining that he had planned a sequence for Monica Rambeau. and the members of SWORD in the final episode.

“We did a whole scene where Darcy, Monica and Ralph meet the children and are at Agatha’s house. They think they should steal the Darkhold from the basement, because the kids saw it when they were kidnapped. They come down for him, and the Scratchy rabbit was in front of the book. They were happy, they got closer … and the rabbit turned into a kind of beast demon. “

Shakman explained how the sequence at the end was removed because the visual effects were not finished and because there was no place to include the basement in the context of an episode as loaded as the last in the series.

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Shakman’s comments provide an explanation for the very short role that Monica Rambeau had in the episode, in which she hardly uses her powers. Like any other series, Scarlet Witch and Vision has had constant cuts and changes in production, including the cancellation of a structure that was to consist of 10 episodes instead of the 9 that have finally taken place.

In the comics, Agatha’s son is a witch named Nicholas Scratch. In the series, instead of that, he became the smallest inhabitant, but possessed by a demon.

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