Scarlet Witch and Vision director explains controversial line from episode 8



Once again, the article that concerns us includes sensitive information to be taken as SPOILERS if you have not seen the Scarlet Witch and Vision series until the last episode aired and if you are not up to date with the Avengers movies in general. Read at your own risk from this point on.

A dialogue about the “mourning” (alluding to the pain of a loss) of the last episode aired up to the date of Scarlet Witch and Vision It has sparked an intense online debate, which is why our colleagues in the US have asked director Matt Shakman himself what he means by this.

<p> At the beginning of the episode, Wanda is using her powers to clean the kitchen.  When Vision enters, Wanda accidentally breaks a plate on her head.  Vision says: ” class=”image screenshot” mi=”” mujer=”” platillos=”” src=”” sus=”” volantes=”” y=””/><br />
<p>Vision cuts down the meaning of grief in this episode as “the perseverance of love,” or love that continues.  It occurs when Agatha Harkness takes our Wanda on a supernatural journey through memory, where she makes her face again the loss of her brother Pietro, killed by Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Vision consoles her with this philosophical phrase, with which she tries to calm the pain that the Scarlet Witch says she feels every time she remembers the events.  There are those who have enjoyed the reflection, but there are also those who have begun to strongly criticize it.</p>
<p>Shakman has said that this dialogue has great meaning for Wanda’s life:</p>
<p>“Episode 8 is very important because it uncovers the story of the entire season, and sheds new light on episodes one, two and three. It is a love story, about loss and grief, about how we get over a loss, something we all have. had to cope, and many largely because of this pandemic situation. So everything we’ve done so far, even setting it in an “easy” sitcom from the 1950s, is about the loss and how Wanda tries to get over it. loss.”</p>
<p>“The moment in which Vision talks to her about grief is magnificent. Especially when Wanda talks about the loss. She is a very intelligent being, and despite not being human, she seems more human than any of us. She has some of the best MCU dialogues, and I think Laura Donney’s work writing it is great. “</p>

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