Scarlet Witch and Vision: Emma Caulfield explains how she got into the role of Dottie


Scarlet Witch and Vision is being a source of news in the world of Marvel, and also a source of interest for new actors and actresses who join the rich cinematic universe (and now also series) of Marvel through Disney +.

This time, it’s about Emma Caulfield, actress who plays Dottie. In an interview with Comibook, he has spoken about Jac Schaeffer, showrunner, and has said the following:

“She contacted me. We’ve been friends since we’ve worked together in the past. We’ve tried to find something to work on together since then, but nothing had come up. And suddenly, I was running the show and creating this world for Marvel, And she said that if I wanted to participate. It was great, and simple. I had to get approval from Keving Feige, but there was no proof. Just that. A call between friends that finally worked. “

Fans keep wondering how it fits into the puzzle that the series’ plot has generated. We will be delighted to find out. Meanwhile, we remind you that it has been detected that a series of comics from the 80s could set the tone for what will happen in the series along with Spider-Man 3 and the next Doctor Strange movie.

Source: Comicbook

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