Scarlet Witch and Vision: his consultant Dick Van Dyke was unaware of the success of the MCU


Matt Shakman (director of Scarlet Witch and Vision) and Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios) had lunch with Dick Van Dyke, the TV legend, who is an advisor to the Disney + series and, although he helped to raise the atmosphere of the recently released series, he showed some ignorance about the success of the UCM.

Shakman spoke to ET about Scarlet Witch and Vision and his lunch at Disneyland’s 33 Club with Dick Van Dyke (TV star of the show named after him among other classic movies like Mary Poppins) and they asked him how much he had shown to know about the MCU.

“We gave him an explanation and he didn’t seem to be very aware of the MCU,” Shakman said. “It was great. At one point he said” I heard you guys have been very successful. It’s great. Congratulations. How did you do it? “And Kevin, showing excellent mastery as always, replied:” Well yes, well, it was when launching Avengers: Endgame. “Dick replied” Oh, Avengers Endgame? Oh great. Fantastic. Kevin said yes, and indeed, it is the greatest movie of all time, and Dick was surprised. “The greatest movie of all time? That is mind-blowing!” It was fun”.

Shakman explained that they already met Van Dyke in the pre-production of Scarlet Witch and Vision. It helped a lot in making the series look like we see it now.

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