Scarlet Witch and Vision: Paul Bettany thought Marvel fired him after Endgame


It is normal, given the plot of the Avengers movies, that the actor Paul Bettany He thought that after Endgame, Kevin Feige, head of Marvel, was going to fire him. However, and to his surprise, that was not the case. As you know, it opens today Scarlet Witch and Vision with Elizabeth Olsen and Bettany himself. It is the first series of the study and the beginning of Phase 4 of Marvel.

After dying in Avengers: Infinity War (twice in fact), the following happened, which he has related to The Hollywood Reporter:

“My contract was up, Kevin Feige called me, saying if I could come to his office. And when the boss calls you for that and your contract is up, you know what that means. So I looked at Jennifer Connelly, my wife, and I said, it’s over. So I walked in, and I didn’t want a confrontational feeling because we had a great time. So I walked in saying “Kevin and Louis, I love you. I get it. We had a good time and no problem. “That is when Kevin told me if I was leaving voluntarily. I said no, that I thought he was firing me. And he said no, that they were preparing a television show. I said “ah ok, ok, I participate. So that’s what happened. I always thought I would be fired. All my life I thought I was going to be fired. “

As you can see if you put Disney + today, he is not fired, but very present as a co-star of the series. We have already seen it, take a look at our assessment.

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Source: Comicbook