Scarlet Witch and Vision: Paul Bettany would play Vision “forever”


Paul Bettany He has gotten the taste of being a Vision. It is clear, as he has said in Esquire, that he would be totally willing to repeat on paper throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward, according to Comicbook.

His last major appearance has taken place in Scarlet Witch and Vision, as you know, the series that ended last Friday, and that we invite you to see if you have not been able to enjoy it yet. It’s on Disney +, and in fact, when the time came for the premiere of the last episode, the servers in the United States crashed due to overload: everyone wanted to see the ending before anyone else. And we hate spoilers.

For this reason, we recommend you see it and only then take a look at our compilation article at the end, in which we explain all the theories, analyze a little more the characters and their relationship with the comics and in general we value the phenomenon at a commercial and social level which has been the first Disney + own series licensed by Marvel.

<p> At the beginning of the episode, Wanda is using her powers to clean the kitchen.  When Vision enters, Wanda accidentally breaks a plate on her head.  Vision says: ” class=”image screenshot” mi=”” mujer=”” platillos=”” src=”” sus=”” volantes=”” y=””/><figcaption itemprop=

The next to premiere will be Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will arrive on March 19, but this time it offers us something very different from what we have seen in Scarlet Witch and Vision: an experience closer to what seen in action movies; And as you know, in Wanda’s series we have gone through a series of episodes that imitated a sitcom over the years and its evolution.

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