Scarlet Witch and Vision: promise it will be worth seeing until the end


Scarlet Witch and Vision it’s going to be a mystery until the end, but we are promised that we will have, in return, a big (metaphorical) “reward” if we wait until the last episode and finally know what is happening in Westview. Kat Dennings, who plays Darcy Lews, returns to the Marvel universe to work with Monica Rambeau and Agent Woo.

<p> Kat Dennings returned as Darcy Lewis, whom we last saw in Thor: The Dark World.  </p>
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<p>On the Drew Barrymore Show he said the following:</p>
<p>“<i>The first three episodes are there to confuse and disorient the audience, until someone comes along and puts them in a bit of a situation.  I repeat the role I had in the first two installments of Thor, and Jac Schaeffer has given Darcy a new life, thanks to what he begins to understand the mystery</i>.”</p>
<p>There are three episodes left.  And he assures that it will be a mystery until the last.  By the way, we remind you that this week the first scene between the credits appeared …</p>
<p>Source: Comicbook</p>

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