Scarlet Witch and Vision raise tension between Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel


If we have followed the Marvel saga to date, we know that there is a relationship between Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel, due to events that brought them together in the past. The question now is, what will that relationship be like? They have talked about it in Comicbook.

From this point we are going to give plot details of the film and the series Scarlet Witch and Vision, so if you are not up to date on both, we invite you to come back later:

Monica Rambeau is the daughter of María Rambeau, a pilot who was a partner of Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. The latter leaves, and during the events of Infinity War and Edgame of The Avengers, María dies in the hospital alone, since Monica is pulverized after the click of Thanos. Upon returning, she becomes an essential figure in the Scarlet Witch series, being the only one capable of reaching Wanda (and revealing certain powers).

Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau

The tension between Monica and Carol will be reflected in Captain Marvel 2, but we’ve already seen some clues. Mary Livanos, co-executive producer has discussed the plans for the series’ plot on TVLine, and says they were already preparing the ground for this, although it was not the center of the plot. However, her departure for more than two decades takes its toll on the friendship they made when she was still a child, to which we add that she was not present when María passed away.

In Livanos words: “We have hinted that there will be tension between her and Captain Marvel in the future, but we would love to explore the latter another time.”

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