Scarlet Witch and Vision screenwriter admits she didn’t know about Mephisto until this year


Attention: in this news there are spoilers about the plot of Scarlet Witch and Vision and its ending. Please read it only if you have finished the series.

Of course Scarlet Witch and Vision It will not stop surprising us at any time of day. It turns out that we have stuck, between fans and the media, weeks analyzing possible winks, content and links to the comics. Everything pointed to a being: Mephisto, in fact, this demon was the one who focused an extensive article about it in our magazine. Especially because of his relationship with Wanda’s children. Well, here comes the surprise: the scriptwriter of the series did not even know who Mephisto was until this year.

Well no, Mephisto was not behind the issue …

In a Mashable interview, he has been in charge of debunking all the theories and analyzes, which is surprising because, really, in the Marvel universe, Wanda’s children come from fragments of Mephisto’s soul:

“There was never any conscious intention on my part to create links with Mephisto, because I did not even know who Mephisto was until I started giving interviews,” has been marked.

“Why do we talk so much about that demon? It is a coincidence. It has never been part of our narrative conversations. We were very clear: the real enemy of the series is the mourning of loss. And the other bad is Agatha, the witch. So as a spectator and lover of the series, I can assure you that there is nothing beyond it. “

It is completely up to the air how they were inspired by the comics to create this narrative when this supernatural being should be an important part of the plot, starting with the presence of Wanda’s children and ending with Darkhold himself …

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