Scarlet Witch and Vision: the director answers the questions we all ask ourselves after its first season


Although the last episode of Scarlet Witch and Vision premiered last week on Disney + does not mean that the series is no longer open to much debate. It has left many mysteries that have curdled among people, which remain with doubts, so we have spoken with the scriptwriter of the series, Jac Schaeffer and the director, Matt Shakman and we have asked them the biggest doubts that have been generated.

They have talked about Evan Peters playing Quicksilver, the identity of the engineer and the missing person, why Wanda has faced no real consequences, and they have talked about Agatha’s plan.


Why did Evan Peters play Quicksilver in Scarlet Witch and Vision?

When Evan Peters appeared in the role of Quicksilver at the end of Episode 5, it came as a huge shock to Wanda, as well as viewers at home. Are you doing the same Quicksilver you did in the Fox X-Men movies? Is this the way for mutants to come to the MCU? Why does Wanda accept this guy as her brother when he doesn’t look like him at all? Those are some of the questions fans have had, but as we saw in the last episode, Peter’s purpose was not to introduce the X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe; He was just a neighbor of Wanda controlled by Agatha, an aspiring actor named Ralph Bohner.

Some fans were disappointed, as if Marvel had played a bad joke, like when Ben Kingsley made a fake version of Tony Stark’s Nemesis, The Mandarin in the comics. The hashtag #SaveQuicksilver continues to circulate on the networks days after the end of the series.

It is believed that the villain Nightmare will be the main threat in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the film that will connect with the outcome of Wandavision.  Therefore, it does not seem casual that Pietro refers that Wanda

But according to Schaeffer, it was not intended. He has explained that his intention to use Peters:

“We didn’t want it to be just a joke because it’s not right, we wanted to get more of it,” Schaeffer said. “First of all, this is a ‘meta’ show, that is, it breaks the fourth wall, so it was a great thing to introduce.”

“But beyond that, we wanted to show that Wanda was so affected that despite the appearance of someone other than her brother, she accepted him as such. What happens to her in terms of self-denial, doubts and disorientation is what Agatha takes advantage of. We wanted to make it feel very visceral and it seemed like an incredible opportunity for the audience to get involved in the cast, especially because of the association with the character on Fox. The idea of ​​doing it in another actor was not going to get anywhere. I thought. It’s not going to be the same level of insanity and questions, and equally disorienting, and that’s what it meant to us. “

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Schaeffer has highlighted how satirical it is that sitcoms use other actors for various roles and watching it at MCU has been fun.

“It’s incredible how changes are handled in sitcoms and how they include a baby, change an actor; ridiculous things that are sinister to me. We have used all of this as a resource,” he said.

Schaeffer hopes fans can appreciate what they wanted to do with Peters.

“I don’t want anyone to take this as a joke. I don’t want them to feel cheated and of course, I don’t want them to be disappointed,” he adds. “The show is about that, and what makes it meaningful is something that prevails.”

Shakman has talked more about how Peters not only serves as a fourth wall breakout and how actors are replaced on TV, but adds that the character has been an important element of the plot.

“In a show like this, it has been a way of exploring the characteristics of sitcoms. It has been fun to do. After all, it was not Pietro who was at the door. It was an Agatha Harkness puppet. It is part of the Narrative. It’s the way he infiltrates the house, becomes her eyes, her ears, her way of influencing Wanda until she discovers her magic to take it away. It’s part of the general narrative. And he’s not her brother. It’s something they have tried to convince her with. We know that Wanda had a hard time believing it and she sticks two episodes trying to find out who this person is, something that is also part of the line of events.

“The whole show is about how we deal with trauma, how we deal with loss. And sometimes we fool ourselves, sometimes we even think we see things that are not there. Because it gives us some hope. He wants to fall back into our arms. from his brother, even Evan Peters, because he needs it.

Have we met the Space Engineer in Scarlet Witch and Vision?

When Monica Rambeau says she met an aerospace engineer who could help her enter the hex spell, Marvel fans have started to theorize about who she means. The best theory was that he was referring to Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) from The Fantastic Four who would make his debut, played by John Krasinski, and the rumor spread everywhere

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But as we all know, the identity of the engineer was actually Monica’s friend, Major Goodner.

According to Shakman, he never thought fans could get on with that crazy theory.

“We were surprised by the aerospace engineer thing,” Shakman said. “It wasn’t some kind of Easter egg. Obviously, Evan Peters had a different intention in the story, but the thing about the engineer was simply that Monica wanted to go back to the spell, she knew how problematic it is thanks to Darcy and it occurs to her, since he’s an astronaut, employing a rover. That’s it. So we were surprised that that line of dialogue took on such a meaning. Hats off to the creativity of the people. I think it’s great, and actually it would have been even smarter to include it There, it would have been great.

In addition to the confusion of the moment, Monica referred to the Major as a “guy”, but she was a female character. That is why many wondered that perhaps it was not about her. Schaeffer has clarified that Major Goodner was the engineer and that Monica used “type” generically.

“This is how I speak. I say a lot about” seeing myself with my man “. I see it as funny, about de-gendered language,” he said.

Who is the missing person in Scarlet Witch and Vision?

Another mysterious character that fans have speculated about is the missing person agent Jimmy Woo was looking for in Westview. The series ended without revealing that identity, and it seems that it was left unresolved on purpose.

“I don’t want to say much about it. Stay tuned,” said Shakman.

We do not know who it will be therefore but we do know that it will be talked about, it seems, in future Marvel projects.

Did Wanda get away with that ease?

In the latest episode, Agatha breaks Wanda’s hold on the citizens of Westview, and they tell in detail how the witch has mentally tortured them all this time. Wanda recognizes what she did and that it was wrong, and opens the spell far enough for them to escape. In the end there will be the “walk of shame” among the citizens as they leave.

Given the importance of his crimes, many fans believe that he has not realized the consequences. But according to Schaeffer, that’s just what they wanted.

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“Monica is not going to handcuff Wanda and put her in prison. There is no place for that in this series, and I think everything she has done is ‘forgivable’. I don’t think the last episode is an ‘anything goes.’ people, all angry and feeling victimized. I don’t think accountability was part of this story. “

There is a precedent in Marvel to turn heroes into antagonists, there you have Tony Stark as the “bad guy” in Captain America: Civil War, and it seems that Wanda is committed to that area of ​​confusing morals.

“It was important for us not to leave the situation unfinished. Wanda has done it wrong and is dealing with the loss of Vision, saying goodbye to him and the children, and there is an emotional impact on that. She was not even aware of what had happened. done until in the end Agatha shows it to him. He is allowed to remain in a state of denial because of the impact of his imaginary life and what he has done to the citizens of WestView. When he realizes, the process begins. It is not clean, it’s disastrous. He starts to open it and then closes it. But in the end he does the right thing and he feels the hatred of the residents. “

What was Agatha’s plan all along?

The catchy song “It Was Agatha All The Time” reveals how Agatha was after the plot all the time. However, we do not know what was responsible since Wanda was the one who created the Hexagonal Spell and the world of the sitcom, so Schaeffer has explained Agatha’s plan and its objective.

“Agatha feels the power that Wanda has. She wants to take power from the people, so she was there to investigate,” Schaeffer said. “She’s not stupid, she’s not going to show up and be seen. She’s going to watch, wait, and figure out what she’s dealing with. She needs answers about who Wanda is and what she’s capable of. What is the nature of her power. she has forced trying to get her to reveal herself or make her explode so that she achieves her goal. Her attempts are getting more and more aggressive, and finally she has to step up and show herself, as Wanda does not agree to play her game. “