Scarlet Witch and Vision: they planned to evoke the death of some important characters in the Marvel universe



If you haven’t seen the eighth episode of Scarlet Witch and Vision, this text may contain sensitive information and / or Spoilers both about the series and about Avengers: Endgame. Therefore, read at your own risk.

<p> Billy and Tommy discover a dog that the family adopts and they name Sparks.  This is a reference to Vision (Vol. 2) # 6 by Tom King.  In that story, the Vision Family had a robotic dog named Sparks, who also has a dark destiny as similar as this version of Sparks.  Fortunately, there is a happy ending to the Comic Book Sparks that may hint at a similar one for this one.  </p>
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<p>Episode 8 of <strong>Scarlet Witch and Vision</strong> it has largely served as a link between the films and the series, showing some in-between events relating even to Vision.  But <strong>there is something that the episode failed to show, despite the original intention embodied in the storyboard.</strong></p>
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Thread with a possible storyboard leaked from a future episode of Wanda vision by Wanda invading the sword only in her vision, and it looks like she is sad and finished#wanda #thevision #WandaVision #MonicaRambeau #JimmyWoo #darcylewis #AgnesTheNeighbor #Pietro #TioPietro

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As we can see now that it has come to light, Wanda was going to refer to the death of Tony Stark and that of Black Widow. Interestingly, most of the plot remained intact, except for those images, which have been removed for references to Stark Industries’ use of weapons, such as the bomb that destroyed the Maximoff residence in Sokovia.

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