Scarlet Witch and Vision – This was the inspiration for the hex spell


One of the most striking elements of Scarlet Witch and Vision It is the so-called hexagonal spell. Not because of the effect itself (the mind control on all the inhabitants of Westview), but because of how it has been brought to the screen in terms of visual effects. Now, the team in charge of it in the Disney / Marvel series has ruled on its inspiration in this regard, as has been echoed by the Comicbook medium.

According to Marion Spates, of Digital Domain has explained the following:

The overall look of the hexagon wall was taken by Tara de Marco, VFX supervisor on Scarlet Witch and Vision, and is an homage to old tube televisions. The wall is designed to reflect the appearance of cathode rays and includes interference lines as well as a different color scheme that reflects Wanda’s emotional state. The creation of the hexagon wall depends on the story and there are several details in it that are a direct reflection of the television sitcom nature of the series. As I say, it is also influenced by Wanda’s emotional state, that is why in episode number 4, when we see the wall for the first time from the outside, it is in blue (calm), but in the last moments, when Wanda is pissed off, it’s in dark red.”

Not badly thought out, is it? In addition, we add you, dark red is the color of the Scarlet Witch, as a curiosity … the broadcast on Disney + ended a long time ago, but there are still many theories in the air. What do you think?

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