Scarlet Witch and Vision: this would be the connection with the Marvel Multiverse


Today we are going to repeat it ad nauseam, but we do not want to take away the illusion of discovering anything:

This article contains information that can be taken as SPOILERS if you are not up to date with the Scarlet Witch and Vision series from Disney +. Please make sure of it before reading any further.

We continue with the wave of information and inquiries generated by the proximity of the last episode of Scarlet Witch and Vision, which will air this Friday on Disney +. And now, we have to tackle one of the elements that have aroused the most interest among the community: is it the connection with the Multiverse that causes Pietro to reappear but in his version of Fox’s X-Men movies instead of the actor? who embodied him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

If you realize, in the series, which happens in the UCM, they do not recognize who “the uncle who plays Pietro” is, because in that reality (there are no Fox films, of course) the events of the X film series -Men (and Deadpool) seem to have no place, which would place Quicksilver as a being brought from another reality, or in Marvel terms, from “another Universe”. The director of the series has spoken of the subject:

We have taken all possible steps and it seems that we have fallen short, because it leaked something of which we tried to keep silent at all times“Shakman told the Comicbook medium.”And somehow, at Disney they managed to keep Luke Skywalker a secret, but we couldn’t keep people out about Evan, which was quite a surprise. But you know, he’s a big guy and he’s made the illusion persist. From the beginning of production we wanted her to show up, challenging Wanda to see who she would be able to accept when there was a knock on her door. And yes, you know that Agatha was behind this, trying to get more information.”

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That is when you have been asked if this has to do with the multiverse, and beyond talking about the effect on Wanda, he has not denied it, claiming that we will have to talk again in the future, since the last episode has not appeared yet, which opens the door to something that would fit perfectly with the plot: all other Marvel events are “real” within their universes, which together would form the already hackneyed term Multiverse and which have led to false (it seems) rumors that even in the next Spider-Man movie we would see actors who embodied it in the past:

We will have to meet again to talk about this some other Monday“said the director.

In two days, more answers.