School Not Reopen From September 21: Whether or not schools will open this month, know what is the intention of the government, read 10 big things

School Not Reopen From September 21:: Whether the schools will reopen again or not, in the rapidly growing Corona cases, it has become a big question. In Unlock 4.0, the Central Government Guidelines have been allowed to resume the classes of 9th and 12th classes from September 21, but the parents are very concerned about their children. While the school administration has been preparing for the reopening of the school, the rising cases of Corona are troubling the parents. Also Read – Schools Reopen Update News: governments preparing to open schools, know how will the atmosphere of the school after six months

After the release of the School Reopening Guideline by the central government, now the state government has full responsibility for opening the school. Schools were to be reopened in UP from September 21. But now such reports are coming out that the Uttar Pradesh government has postponed the decision to open a school college from September 21. According to the news published in the magazine website, the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Department has decided not to open the school from September 21, keeping in mind the growing cases of corona virus. At present, this news is not being confirmed by our side. Also Read – School Reopen Latest News: Schools in Delhi, Senior Classes, Children will not be able to visit this day till September 30

Let us tell you that on August 31, the guideline of Unlock 4.0 was released by the Central Government and in this, the largest decision was taken on opening the college. The government had given permission to reopen school colleges across the country from September 21, but the government also said that only ninth and twelfth classes will be started in view of Corona’s transition. Also Read – School Reopening: Schools to open in the city with the highest death rate of corona in the world from 16 September

As of now, there is no complete indication about whether schools will open or whether children and parents will have to wait for a few more days. After the corona lockdown, now the children are going to get a lot of change in the school which they may have never seen before.

Children will also face many kinds of restrictions, such as – cannot live in groups, many people cannot play games together, constant social distancing and cleanliness will have to be taken care of. In addition, children will also have to wear masks.

Now, instead of having a biometric attendance at the school, all will have to live with a distance of at least six feet along with arranging contact less attendance. There will be a ban on any kind of event in the school so that the crowd does not gather.